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What do you take to a teaching job interview?

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by bubble12, May 9, 2020.

  1. bubble12

    bubble12 New commenter

    What do you take to a teaching job interview?

    Many thanks!
  2. Caramel2308

    Caramel2308 Occasional commenter

    Certificates of qualifications, evidence of QTS, NQT, driving licence, passport etc for proof of identity. However, if the school want these they usually ask. You don't have a face to face interview do you?
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  3. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    Yes, photo I.D. and proof of qualifications. Your phone, fully charged and with credit, plus the school phone number. Cash for an emergency taxi.

    Primary NQTs occasionally take a portfolio, showing photos of classroom displays and examples of planning with pupil work.

    All the Arty subjects, including Drama, used to take portfolios, now have them on line, and give a link in their application.

    Pens, pencils, small notebook (or ability to take notes on phone), Kleenex, spare tights, whatever you need for the lesson, including 2 copies of lesson plan showing differentiation and possible follow up work. Copy of your E.S. plus a small card with your USPs and their BBs for a quick reminder before you go in.

    But unless your Mum is the Head, and she’s interviewing you in your shared kitchen, the lockdown rules mean that there are no face-to-face interviews nowadays, only Skype, Meet, Zoom, etc.

    May be helpful to check THIS out while you’re waiting for the call

    Keep safe everyone
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  4. bubble12

    bubble12 New commenter

    Thank you :)
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  5. bubble12

    bubble12 New commenter

    Thank you, I was just asking out of curiosity :)
  6. ajc89

    ajc89 New commenter

    For an interview I’ve only ever taken hat I need for the lesson and cue cards for interview
  7. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Good job they didn't require picture I.D. then! Most schools do.

    Plus, cue cards are best not used in the interview. I suggest having your USPs and BBs (main cues) on a card to jog your memory before you go in.

    But in the interview, if you can manage without them because you've done solid preparation, that's much better. But I know some people are so nervous that they actually do need them.

    If only to have something to grip tightly to stop their hands trembling!

    So we usually make allowances for that. But best not, if possible, in the interview, just look at them before you go in, then put them away.

    Keep safe, everyone
  8. ajc89

    ajc89 New commenter

    That goes without saying? Who doesn’t carry I.D with them when they go out?!

    my first few interviews I was a nervous wreck so cards where helpful, used them less and less the more I had. Haven’t had one for a few years... so suspect I’ll need them again, if any interviews crop up
  9. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    I'd assume not-or if so she'd need pens etc. Now some years are going back, she might be asked in-after all if Reception kidsa are safe :( And tissues/bottle of water/snack bar/something to do, as they might leave you hanging around. Possibly hair brush/body spray/lipstick/coat in case they take you on a tour, as in normal times is common. Don't wear shoes that are hard to walk in-you often do more walking at an interview than in most weeks when you actually start. Or is that just me?

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