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What do you leave for your HLTA when they cover for you for the whole day?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Waterfin, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. I do consider what I will be leaving for my supply/HLTA when I plan for the week in my planning session the week before. I try not to leave things that require too much reliance on previous lessons as they won't know what we've done.
    I leave a timetable for the day, with a written commentary for each lesson. In each lesson I detail the books to be written in and the LO, then describe (in as much detail as I think is necessary) the activity to be followed by the children to achieve the lo and the differentiation required for my groups. I leave the logon details for everything and the groupings of my children. In some cases I will leave the planning page from my scheme for a particular subject (e.g. the abacus teaching sequence for the lesson).
    If I can, then I will provide this info earlier than the day it is to be delivered. E.g. the teacher taking my class on Tues was in last week, so I left the info then in case they have any questions when they are next in.
    It takes a little time to leave the commentary and to leave the resources for the day, but I don't resent it. If I am out on a course then I still receive the same amount of PPA than if I was working the full amount. If someone wanted to be picky then they could reduce my ppa to reflect 10% of the time I was teaching that week, minus the day I was out on the course and they don't so I am happy to still plan and resource that day properly myself.
  2. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    What a strange idea. Why would be reluctant to give them plans? Don't they see plans on a regular basis anyway?
    Take a few minutes to go through them and I'm sure they'll handle it just fine.
  3. Why wouldn't you give out plans? You describe her as "your" HLTA- does that mean she is based in your classroom all the time as your TA? In which case she must know how things are run. If not, just leave her something really simple to follow, e.g. we use Music Express for music lessons and you can pretty much pick it up and use it.
  4. I thought the point of an HLTA was that they could plan their own lessons? Why not ask her to do a one-day project?
  5. inq


    I understood OP to be saying are you reluctant to leave plans without adding a supporting commentary not that she didn't want to hand out plans.
    I leave plans and a commentary as I wrote my plans and it makes perfect sense - to me! It may not be as obvious to my HLTA, thus I've just written out a commentary to support tomorrow's lessons.

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