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What do you do in 1 Hour Year 9 Food Tech lessons?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Nelly 8, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. My school is changing its timetable - we are going from 1hr 40min double Tech lessons to 1hr single Tech lessons. We do soup and some cakemaking in Year 7 which should stay the same, pasta sauces and some other savoury dishes in Year 8 which should stay the same, but we have been doing bread in Year 9 which will obviously have to change. We do a 12 week carousel in each Year group.

    Any suggestions for what I could do with my Year 9's? I am looking for some inspiration please!!
  2. TC7


    We only have 1 hour lessons and we do bread with fresh yeast but only rise it once after it has been shaped. We set our new ovens to 50 c and then turn them up when double in size about 15 mins also we tend to do rolls but we also do chelsea buns and othe loaves. We do pizzas but they go straight in and they all come out fine. We do pastry small tarts, either jam or without a filling to be filled when cooked with lemon curd, fresh fruit, or a savoury filling. Pasties using a pasty shaper, sausage rolls, apple pie ....... pitta breads, and next year with the introduction of the new controlled assessment we will start some of the more complicated things in Y9 like choux pastry, filled at home ..... I agree you have to be moving but you get use to it and so do the students. Double lessons are a waste of time as they see it as a causual relaxing time.
  3. Our technician has been putting the pre weighed ingredients out for the kids. Although not ideal, it does mena we get quite a few things done. We ahve done fajitas using tortillas, chilli, pancakes, designing party food. For the easy things such as filled pancakes we dem in the same lesson. We have been doing L2C rather than Des tech food as our kids haven't done a great deal of cooking before this year. The technician we persuaded then to emply for us rookie foodies has been gold dust.
  4. Many of the LTC recipies are aimed to cook in 1 hours lessons
  5. Hi
    you can do bread use quck blend yeast -packets make individual size bead the smaller they are the quicker they cook
    get ALL ABOUT FOOD book HELEN MCGRATH all recipes are tried and tested for hr lessons
    my favs are swiss roll bread rolls savoury rice pasta bake vegetarian lasagne
    important to cook immediatly
    so sometimes would get units ready with equipment
    so kids just need to get themselves ready

  6. Thanks for all the advice people!!
  7. This has been really interesting thread to read.

    At my new school I have got 100min lessons on a 2wk timetable and only 6 cookers. I want everyone to be cooking their own product to take home so Im wondering if anyone else has been faced with this. The last food teacher had the class cooking on alternative weeks but Im wondering if I could get hold of more shelves for the ovens or get 4 peoples products in an oven 1 baking tray between 2 people????

    If I am going to be able make this work I could have 1 person cooking with 1 person being a hygine inspector and then I will finish that stage of the lesson and the students will swap over... -does this sound impossibel or like Im making much more work for my self?

    any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks Nicki :)

  8. 100min lessons seem quite good, but you have your work cut out with only 6 cookers!!! How many are there in your class on average? I used to have one half cooking one half doing theory in my previous school but soon moved from that as I thought it was more hastle than it was worth.
    Some of the electric ovens have the top grill that can be used as an oven - do you have any of these?
  9. Move schools. SLT are not taking D&T seriously.
  10. how would that work.... when there practically no D&T jobs being advertised?? only 35 D&T jobs being advertised nationally!! There are more people than that on the PGCE I am doing who are looking for/need a job for september!
  11. SO with 6 cookers- how many students have you in a class?
    Is this GCSE?- 100 mins every week doesn't sound enough time weekly for a GCSE?
    If it isn't GCSE-depending if they are bringing ingredients or if you provide them- I would happily get them to work in pairs or do smaller amounts- as it is the skills that they are needing to develop. Remember they also need to develop the theory side- and so will need time also for theory or they will struggle in GCSE
    SO having complained about the lack of cookers- I too would
    If it is GCSE- divide class into 2 and have 1/2 half cook on alternate weeks
    ( 1/2 a lesson each sounds tricky- by the time you have done starter+ register then plenary+ clearing up- each half would only have 45 mins- and if their cooking over ran- the next half of the would be compromised, and you would be run ragged.
    If it isn't GCSE and recipes are simpler you might get away with it.
    Alternate weeks- seem appropriate.
    Have you access to an ICT room?
    Have you any support? who could take 1/2 the class to do ICT work previously set?
    Weekly being hygiene inspector sounds a bit repetative- great for 1 week but I think their time could be better spent learning the nutrition, researching, analysis..
    Adding extra shelves doesn't really work- as things take far longer to cook.
    Can the school kitchens help out by actually cooking the things made?
    Sorry I can't be more helpful, I have been there with a GCSE group of 28 and 8 cookers and I insisted in splitting the class for H+S reasons( and for my sanity)


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