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What do we think of leather trousers?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by kibosh, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    Saga Noren, the lead detective in The Bridge, wears black, leather trousers. Have you ever worn leather trousers? Would you? Do you like/hate the idea?
  2. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    I have worn them but I don't think they are flattering for any but the very petite. I found them very warm. Good in some situations but sweaty in others!
    kibosh likes this.
  3. lexus300

    lexus300 Star commenter

    Fine on a motor cycle.
  4. monicabilongame

    monicabilongame Star commenter

    Depends who is wearing them and yes, fine on a motorbike.
    needabreak likes this.
  5. ninenotes

    ninenotes Senior commenter

  6. ninenotes

    ninenotes Senior commenter

    If you are Saga you are braw.

    Have you watched it yet kibosh?
  7. gooddays

    gooddays Senior commenter

    I had two pairs of these, one navy and one rust coloured, in the days when I had to spend a frigid 40 minutes supervising at lunch recess. I also had a floor-length brown suede skirt, not nearly as warm. I thought I was very fashionable. I liked that all of these garments were machine-washable. m_55fcf39651e9ea3648010d42.jpg
  8. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Having seen the episode of Friends where Ross has problems wearing leather trousers, my answer would be "No".
    lardylady and kibosh like this.
  9. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    :) We've started . . . tonight will be episode 4, I think. Enjoying it so far.

    Saga looks great in her leather trousers . . I could never get away with wearing them, I'm too short and not slender enough . . .when I was 18 I wanted a pair and i wanted to look like Chrissie Hynde
  10. ninenotes

    ninenotes Senior commenter

    That's probably the only other person who is suited to them.

    You will work out who done it by the end of episode 8 but the last 2 are still very good.
    kibosh likes this.
  11. grumpydogwoman

    grumpydogwoman Star commenter


    That hand? Should I ask? Or pretend I didn't see it?
    rachelpaula008 and lardylady like this.
  12. InkyP

    InkyP Star commenter

    I think Saga's leather trousers would be a bit whiffy as she wears them every day and never seems to wash herself or the trousers.
  13. gooddays

    gooddays Senior commenter

    Photo from ebay. Did not notice the creepy hand. Looks like a mannequin.
  14. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    :eek: I never noticed that.
  15. grumpydogwoman

    grumpydogwoman Star commenter

    Has anyone found their tactile trousers had quite such a noticeable effect? It can get boring out on the yard for 15 minutes if the kids are playing nicely.
  16. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter

    But she loves changing her tops in the office. Who would get away with that in RL? Kylie Minogue in an office full of men?
  17. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

    Yes,I've noticed that. Straight from bed to outside! Sarah Lund in the Killing was the same,spend the entire first series in the same clothes.
  18. Duke of York

    Duke of York Star commenter

    Except when worn by the Two Fat Ladies.

  19. cissy3

    cissy3 Star commenter

    I thought the two fat ladies were cool.

    Another cool rock-chick:


    And a very early heroine of mine:

    rachelpaula008 and Dragonlady30 like this.
  20. cissy3

    cissy3 Star commenter

    And another one, but I'm not sure if they're leather here!


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