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What do people think about continuous provision in KS1 and how to do it in a small classroom in 2020

Discussion in 'Primary' started by napsiasi, Jul 18, 2020.

  1. napsiasi

    napsiasi New commenter

    I have been moved this year to a smaller classroom than last year even though children are now supposed to be sitting facing forward so needing more room for tables. I'm thinking of having more continuous provision than have done previously and maybe taking some tables out. Will it work? What is your experience?
  2. sooooexcited

    sooooexcited Established commenter

    You'd need a set of resources for each group or two groups could share but you'd have to wash them in between uses. Nothing they put to their face, e.g. toy phones.
  3. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    I don't think you do from September. It's class size bubbles (at least) with shared resources being deemed fine.

    Many year 1 classes are using CP this September for the first time and others continuing to do so. Should work very well indeed, especially if you are used to teaching that way.
    There are many blogs and training available to support.
    https://abcdoes.com/transition-into-year-one-2020/ You can choose the modules you need for £10 each or all three for £30
    https://abcdoes.com/abc-does-a-blog/category/transition/ Lots of interesting reading
    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Year-One-Action-Month-Month/dp/1138639257 Gives a slightly different but similar approach...if your EYFS use in the moment planning, you might be able to use the ideas here, but otherwise maybe not.
  4. sooooexcited

    sooooexcited Established commenter

    You're right that the guidance has changed from September but schools need to consider the risk of transmitting the disease through the sharing of resources. Schools have been told to keep this to a minimum.
  5. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    But have also been told that sharing within the bubbles is fine and class size bubbles are fine.
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  6. sooooexcited

    sooooexcited Established commenter

    Ah, ok. The schools local to me have issued clear expectations that resource sharing is kept to a minimum and particularly toys, playground equipment. Children have been asked to provide their own stationery wherever possible to avoid sharing but the biggest advice was to stagger the use of continuous provision resources.
  7. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Older children are bringing their own stationery in most schools because of the frequent use and the fact many children put pens and pencils in their mouths
    That might be what some head teachers are saying to their teachers, but it isn't in the official guidance. Schools are making their own decisions based on their own risk assessments and their facilities for cleaning.
    For example soft furnishings and soft toys are a complete no in schools with no laundry facilities. Whereas in those with a washing machine they can be used and laundered each day or week, depending on class size.
    Similarly schools which can't manage to clean resources easily are having them out in a rotation to allow quarantine time. Similarly for resources like musical instruments and books which can't easily be cleaned.
    Sand play is fine for those schools who have the staff and facilities to sterilise it each day, but not in those where they done.

    The op will need to work with their school to find out what they have in the risk assessment, but sharing is fine and allowed within the class group, just some thought needs to go in to what is shared.

    @napsiasi the latest official guidance is here, but an update is expected later this month and you must consult your school's RA and H&S person as well.
  8. napsiasi

    napsiasi New commenter

    Thankyou for the resources ideas. I have a mixed year 1/2 class and have read Anna Ephgrave but haven't really implemented CP properly before .

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