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What do NQT's 'take-home'...

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Carkus, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. Carkus

    Carkus New commenter

    There's a number of PGCE's in a school together, and we're having a debate as to what NQT's take home in their wages after tax?
    Can any help us out?
  2. Carkus

    Carkus New commenter

    There's a number of PGCE's in a school together, and we're having a debate as to what NQT's take home in their wages after tax?
    Can any help us out?
  3. Depends what point you are on and where you are.
    Tell you what though, this is a rather useful pay calculator somewhere on this site, have a look for that.
  4. I'm currently on M1 and after tax, N.I, student loan and pension I take home 1227
    Sam _Bow x
  5. Mr_G_ICT

    Mr_G_ICT New commenter

    be about the same as me, But i do after school clubs and coursework sessions etc. which bumps it up
  6. There is a pay calculator on TES FAQ. Can't remember the address but just google it.
  7. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    I'd say it's a moot point. If you can't even manage to google 'teachers pay' then I'd say you need some serious help.
  8. Carkus

    Carkus New commenter

    Thank you Eva,
    Have to say though, I did google that and I used that pay calculator and I got a result. As good as it was, I still wanted to hear it from 'the horses' mouth'.
    I am a student teacher looking for advice, there's no need to be rude! If you're not going to leave anything nice - don't leave anything at all!
    If you can't write constructive things here, I worry what you write on the books of your pupils!
  9. Carkus

    Carkus New commenter

    Thanks very much to everyone else that replied, you're input is very much appreciated!
    hibaq_abdule likes this.
  10. ksc6

    ksc6 New commenter

    Wow - you lucky thing! I thought all those things were "part of the job", as were residentials, school trips that go on after hours etc...
  11. Mr_G_ICT

    Mr_G_ICT New commenter

    Depends. School Clubs in half term i get paid for. I volunteer for lunch duty which gives me about 6 pounds i think. I Do Gifted and talented on a saturday, bit more. Tends to be stuff that no-one else want's to do and doesnt relate directly to your classroom/form etc.

    After school clubs I don't get money for, so don't think of me in some luxury school or anything.
  12. I'd be more interested in who else earns extra money for extra work like rennaissance-man? Is it a common occurrence? This is definitely something I'd look for in a new job; anything to bump up pay!
  13. There will be a range. They could have entered differnet pay scale points. They were probably all looking at different areas. I got a lot more than my friends when I started because of london weighting.
  14. Some of them maynot have included pension payments or loan repayments either.
  15. I totally agree - I was quite shocked by the rudeness of that comment - as student teachers, we are always able to find things out, but sometimes it's good to ask what you 'real teachers' are experiencing. I too wondered what kinds of disparaging comments Eva must write on students' books....not very constructive ones I imagine. Sometimes, 'real teachers' seem to forget all too easily the worries, concerns and feelings that student teachers have. Hope she isn't some poor trainee's mentor.....it would be a wonder they might make it to the end of the course!
  16. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    You may have failed to notice, but YOU are not a child. Therefore, the way one might speak to a child is not relevant here. Furthermore, I notice that you have conveniently failed to notice all of the helpful and supportive things I regularly write on this forum - in fact, I specifically remember being thanked by NQT posters on a couple of occasions for the advice I have offered.
    I'm curious as to why you seem to thing that the DFES documentation, clearly available on the internet, might have lied to you regarding your pay. The pay calculator available on teachernet, similarly, is unlikely to be lying.
    One does NOT forget the concerns and feelings of being an NQT/student teacher; at least, I certainly have not. However, I do know that 'silly' things like my PAY were certainly 'small' peices of information I found out before I even applied for a PGCE place. I made sure I understood what I'd be earning, the process of qualifying and induction before applying. I'm very surprised at anyone who doesn't, to be honest, you'd have thought that it was vital to know what you were going to be doing with the next 2 years of your life and then 30-35 years of your career after that. But maybe other people enjoy the surprise of waiting until they've gone through qualification and then finding out these little bits of information. Me, I felt it was vital to know what I'd be earning. Much as I love teaching, I only do it for the money and if it wasn't financially viable, I wouldn't have applied to the PGCE. Hence my amazement at others who seem to leave these things to chance.
    As it happens, I am a mentor and have been for 3 years. So far, all of the student teachers I have mentored have passed very well. One or two were outstanding new teachers and need very little in the way of input over and above a 'Wow, well done you!" One struggled significantly and was 'cause for concern' when she arrived from her diagnostic practice. She passed in the end though and we remain friends to this day. I am currently mentoring an NQT and a GTP student in my department. Both are doing well, although the GTP student needs a little more support as she struggles to add variety to her lessons. We work through it together. That said, she is very pro-active in finding things out for herself which is partly what makes her so able to meet the QTS standards and was a quality I raved about on her recent reference for a job (which she got).
    I guess we need to remember that one sentence written in a post on here does not reflect our personality in its entirity. I am certainly not the first, nor the last, to chastise someone on this forum, nor am I the rudest. PFF herself has had quite an acid tongue on this forum on several occasions (don't deny it missus! ;) )
    Oh, and as a final thought, I'd like to say that I consider student teachers to be 'real' teachers. The only difference between me and a student teacher is that I am qualified already. They are responsible for teaching and learning just as I am, therefore I'd never refer to myself as a 'real teacher' and, by extension, a student teacher as a 'pretender'.
  17. I wouldn't deny it Eva, I tell it how it is [​IMG]
    I knew exactly what I would be earning before I even considered joining the course.

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