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What do I need to know about doing an NQT year at an Independent School?

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by HUNTJO, May 14, 2011.

  1. Just after some advice.
    A job has come up at a local indpendent school in my area (senior) and I have handed in an application for the post. If I am really lucky and get an interview then I will be able to look around the school. Having read the application information about the school and the post I am not really sure if it is for me.
    Just wondering if anyone has some top tips or advice. How well are NQTs supported and protected in Independent schools? What do I need to make sure I find out? Also this is the first post I have applied for, if I get to visit the school, will I know straight away if it's right for me? It's a worry that the school might seem great but my experience might be completely different- is there anything I should look out for and make sure I ask about when going round??
    Advice please.
  2. It depends what your priorities are and with my short experience, I know that I'd rather work in a school with some challenging kids, but with a great support and atmosphere among staff, rather than in a school where all the kids are angels, but where staff do not communicate and support each other. So think about your current experience in differents schools, what did you enjoy/hated about each of these schools? What were the highlights, what drove you mad during this year? What make you think that this job wouldn't be for you?
    I found it very hard to identify whether I liked the school or not at the end of my pgce, but the two interview I did during my nqt year, the first one I knew straight away I liked the school, and would fine there, the second one, I had a massive crush on the kids, the departments, the way staff were relaxed and having a good laugh in the staff room etc, and luckily I got the position.
    Asking during the interview what they have in place for NQTs is a good idea actually!
  3. It's a mixed bag, really.You are still entitled to induction the same as everybody else.

    Having amaazing children and a perfectly rich school with small classes doesn't always mean you'll be happy, though. I've had an awful year - and the parts of the year that I love are the parts where I'm with the students! I keep thinking... maybe I should've gone to a normal state school, where the children hate learning but the staff are cohesive.

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