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What do I need for January start as an NQT?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by pixi28, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Hello!
    I'm new to the forum, (I did look for somewhere to say hello! But I couldn't find the right place :) )
    I have recently accepted a position to start my NQT year in a year 3 class, from January until July.
    I was wondering, does anyone have any advice on things I should start to get ready now? I've been doing supply for the last month or so, but before that, I've been out of the teaching loop for a year, and I'm unsure of what I need - folders, resources, and most importantly paperwork etc?
    Thanks :)
  2. Hello!
    I'm new to the forum, (I did look for somewhere to say hello! But I couldn't find the right place :) )
    I have recently accepted a position to start my NQT year in a year 3 class, from January until July.
    I was wondering, does anyone have any advice on things I should start to get ready now? I've been doing supply for the last month or so, but before that, I've been out of the teaching loop for a year, and I'm unsure of what I need - folders, resources, and most importantly paperwork etc?
    Thanks :)
  3. FollyFairy

    FollyFairy Occasional commenter

    Ask if you can have a day in school to collect mid and long term plans, including SoW's - which hopefully they will have! If they do not have anything or very little, your best bet is to write down what the class has covered so far and then check with the National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 on-line and use that as your guide to plan. Then plan long-term, say till Feb half term or even Easter, of what topics you are going to cover; mid-term would be how you are going to cover these topics in each week, followed by your daily lesson planning. It will be useful too to get a list of names of the students and hopefully their levels of where they are at presently and names of any SEN/gifted and talented kids, plus any other information you think would help you e.g. dietary requirements, medical needs, home life etc. Hope that helps and good luck!
  4. snap!! I am in the same situation!! I am not able to spend much time in the school before the Christmas hols, but am going to spend the odd afternoon there. I was going to try and get copies of all of their levels, whatever planning is already in place for next term, existing timetables, groupings (finding out whether I have to do the same as the other year 3 class!), etc.

  5. modgepodge

    modgepodge Established commenter

    Most schools I looked at were very clear about the fact they want someone who can "hit the ground running" - the kids need to get on and learn from day 1, so I'd probably avoid "getting to know you" type days - maybe just do a circle time early on?
    I'm hoping to go in loads this term. That way I'll know the class before I start teaching them. I suppose it'll be a little like placement really as the other teacher will be teaching them but I'll be there too. I'm supplying at the moment, and my new school are happy to pay me for the days I do in school so as far as I can see I may as well be in every day! Not sure if they'll pay for ever day lol but you know what I mean, I may as well be in every day. Not to mention I'll presumably get LA pay of around £110 per day rather than the £80/£95 I get through the agency.
    And yes, make sure your school register you as an NQT asap - mine called 2 days after the interview to tell me she was organising that as we spoke so fingers crossed that's sorted!
  6. I went into my school and they told me that the planning for the first week will be done by the current teacher (with the rest of the year group teachers) in their PPA before xmas. They also said that I am welcome to go join in that PPA session. Im going to go in next week and spend some time talking to the relevant people and observe the current class teacher and get to know the children. The head is also arranging a time for me to meet the parents!! Its all very exciting :)!!!!
  7. I began teaching my Y3 class right after the October half-term holidays. It was under two weeks from the interview to the post commencing, and a week was taken out due to the holidays, so it was a VERY quick turnaround and I am still running to catch up with myself.I know it wasn't ideal for the school to have someone start so quickly, either, but just from my POV, I really could have done with:
    * A TA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaargh! No, I am NOT going to stop going on about this until I get one! Check you are getting one! You might think it goes without saying, but apparently it doesn't!
    * Meet your TA. Find out how they like to work - I've known angels before who like to be involved in the planning side etc. and others who want to arrive at 9 and leave at 3, and fair enough.
    * Any allergies/medical conditions in your class? And school protocols for ill/injured children and what to do with them!
    * Duty days - assembly, playtime and lunchtime expectations?
    * Your NQT time and NQT mentor
    * What resurces will be available to you. You only realise what you're missing when you look in someone's classroom who is established and see how much fab stuff they have.
    * Get school laptop sorted asap
    * How they do APP, e.g. only a sample or whole class
    * APP files from previous teacher
    Hmmmmmmmmm I can't think of any more off top of head! Much luck x
  8. I start my NQT year in Jan too! So excited but my head is spinning with where to start! I don't know if it will be easier or harder taking over mid-year. Going to email the school today and arrange to go in asap! Exciting!!!!! Thanks for all the great advice!
  9. I started in September, and there are so many things I wish I'd been able to do before I started - definitely agree with previous posters about getting into the school before you start. If it's 2 or more forms, ask to observe the teacher you'll be working opposite. This will be invaluable, as you'll get a feel for the way they teach and will help you when it comes to planning together, if that's what you're doing. It would also be very useful thing to know how the planning will work BEFORE you start! I agree with the previous poster about resources - find out what there is available already, as after 12 weeks in my new classroom, I am still finding myself without a few of the basics (long story, but I started with a completely empty brand new classroom). Find out about schemes of work, what they follow, and things like how they take lunch orders - this might seem petty, but we have a complex system which took a lot of getting used to.

    With TA's - if you have one, make sure you get time scheduled in to talk to them regularly, and at the beginning discuss with them what their responsibilities are and find out what hours they are being paid for. If they're paid to start before school or to stay until 4pm or whatever then you are onto a winner! This means you will have help setting up for the next day or with making resources, if not, you need to know so you can schedule it into your time.

    Find out what time the school shuts (ours is locked up at 5.30pm everyday, not leaving much time to get things done some days). Make friends with the caretaker, they will usually be able to help you out with all manner of things in the early days.

    Lastly - sleep lots, see your friends and family and have a relaxing break! Good luck!
  10. Is anyone else starting to feel absolutely terrified?
    I've been in to my school twice now- Once to join in on PPA and start planning for next term and once to meet the class and observe the current class teacher.
    The school is great and my colleagues are all lovely but I am so scared! Still, I'm glad that I have been assigned planning to do over Christmas. It makes me feel in control: I know what is going to happen, since I've planned a lot of it.
    I'm very excited but also very scared. It's stupid things too like the fact that I'm going to be working for decades. I've only worked full time once before and that was only for 6 months. The whole time, I knew I didn't have long left. The thought that I'll be doing this 5 days a week, 39 weeks a year for at least 45 years is terrifying!
  11. modgepodge

    modgepodge Established commenter

    I'm terrified.
    Having sat in on a pupil progress meeting with head and both deputies, I'm terrified at the data I will have to produce on each child in February :S
    I also feel completely out of my depth with planning. I'm in again on Monday so can sit down with the other Year 1 teacher (thank the lord for 2 form entry) and work out what we're doing for the first few days at least.
    Also, saw the beginning of an observed lesson by the teacher who I'm taking over from. Let's just say she's set the bar high......!
    On the plus side, I have a lovely class :)
  12. I think the technical term is "bricking it!" ... I defo am! :)
  13. philippa0609

    philippa0609 New commenter

    I got offered a job yesterday...Great!! Yes and no!!
    I only finished my PGCE 2 1/2 weeks ago.....
    I start on 5th of Jan...school closes for Christmas tomorrow.
    I've been in today and will pop in again tomorrow but then I will only have one day to prepare my classroom before the new term starts!!
    I'm terrified and close to changing my mind!!! Is it really possible to be planning for a class you hardly know????
  14. I'm in the same boat. I start January 3rd in a year 3 class untill summer. I only went for my interview on Friday morning and the school has now broke up for the Christmas holidays. I breifly spoke to the head teacher Friday afternoon who said she didn't have a clue where planning was up to or what I needed to do for the 3rd Jan. I have no idea where to start or what to do/plan/organised. I have never met the class or seen the classroom. I am terrified!!!
  15. I finished my NQT year last year and have just completed my first term as a non-NQT, so I'm by no means an expert, but for those of you who haven't met your class yet or even seen inside your classroom, I'd still recommend starting off as you mean to go on, with meaningful activities from the outset rather than spending too much time with "getting to know each other" stuff.
    If you can get in before the children, I'd change one big thing, to stamp yourself on the classroom and let them know it's your environment. Maybe you could rearrange the desks, put up one eye catching display.... anything to mark the room out as yours.
    I'd then spend one session with "our classroom rules" - laid out by you rather than allowing the children to decide what they are. You could show them the rules and then ask them to draw out what some of them look like, so they feel some ownership of them.
    After that, I'd be straight on with some literacy and numeracy. An independent writing task will mean you can assess where they are and start thinking about groupings if you haven't already been given these. A carousel of problem-solving maths tasks (use NRICH or similar) will again allow you to make some early assessments and judgements.
    In the afternoon, you could introduce your topic and get the children to do individual mind-maps of existing knowledge, and what they would like to learn from the topic. You can then re-visit these at the end of the topic and add on what new learning has taken place.
    If you are back for part of a week (we are back for three days the first week), use those three days as a purposeful "assess and review" time rather than a "getting to know you" time. That way, you'll be able to start planning properly for the second week in, and have a much better understanding of your class and their abilities.
    If nothing else, go in with a very firm idea of what is and what is not acceptable behaviour, and make it very clear that you mean business. It's hard to go back once you've been too soft at the start. (Beem there.... done that!)
    Good luck! Nothing beats having your own classroom!

  16. modgepodge

    modgepodge Established commenter

    Thank you for this excellent post. Some excellent ideas there. I've met my class for 3 days so far and I'm going in tomorrow too (so I feel very lucky compared to some on here!!) so I kind of know them already - at least I've got their names sorted! I also did a circle time with them for half an hour last week so got to talk to them about "golden rules" for circle time (and the rest of the time!) and what to do when I clap my hands etc. The current teacher is also going to have a chat with me tomorrow about each child and let me know anything important. I'm also lucky it's 2 form entry so mid and long term plans are already done, and I've got support with short term. I think we're just planning the first 2 days back tomorrow, then after the holidays plan from then on. I will definitely use some of the ideas above for the first couple of days - thank you I'm feeling a bit more relaxed now!
  17. That pretty much covers it!
    I'm starting on the 3rd. I was hoping for an INSET to give me a chance to settle into the environment a little but nope.
    11 days. Aaargh!
  18. I am in the same boat, offer was made on Wednesday 14th December and the school shut for Christmas. I start on the 3rd January and I don't even know what time I am meant to be there as it is an inset day. Here is to winging it!!!!

  19. I start my new job on the 3rd Jan as an NQT. Luckily I was able to spend some time with the children during last term but still think it will be like starting fresh come January. All my children are EAL so while that poses a challenge in itself I will give it my best shot. To add to this pressure Ofsted are due so its going to be hitting the ground running with rockets under me.
    Done the Numeracy and Literacy planning so hope that is ok-just want to get stuck in now and gain experience.
  20. Wow!! Good luck! I'm sure you'll have an interesting start then...but will be very interesting :)

    My kids don't come in 'til the 4th, so have an extra day to prepare mentally haha! Good luck :)

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