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What do I do with my Gazebo?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by rburt, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. rburt

    rburt New commenter

    I've had an outside wooden gazebo in my foundation stage class for years. It has high walls and is on top of a bank. I have had it as a quiet area and am toying with the idea of a permanant sound garden. The children just don't use it at the moment and I want something permanant that I don't have to maintain too much. Does anyone else have one of these and any good ideas on how to use it?
  2. Not a gazebo, but a playhouse/shed. I have used it as a sensory/discovery den. The children can use things from here to explore the garden - magnifying glasses, nets, torches etc, or just use materials from the boxes -I've tried to stick to natural materials, small wooden blocks, stones, pine cones etc. Interior decorated with fabrics of different texture and transparency, leopard prints etc on the wall from packs of art paper. Plus I always try to have something for children to DO in there, rather than just experience or look at. So, wooden blocks for building, writing and drawing materials, camera to take pictures etc. I try to vary this doing activity week by week.I've also used it as a role play, linked to games played in the garden eg a train station, a post office, a garage.
  3. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    It really depends on the size of your gazebo but I've seen a large one used very effectively as an outdoor creative area and smaller ones used as a secret den (careful planting to screen it and a secret entrance makes a cosy story telling place) and a mark making area
    some links I found for outdoors you might find interesting

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