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What do children find difficult in AQA C2?

Discussion in 'Science' started by weary willy, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. I am a Physics specialist but have been asked to help the child of a friend prepare for the January C2 exam - she's capable of an A / A* but missed several lessons throughout the year through illness. What do children typically find tough? My guess would include the arithmetic (w/w % of an element in a compound, yields etc) and the Haber process. What else?
  2. TRJ

    TRJ New commenter

    Yes, Section 3 how much - Equations and calculations - from balancing them to working out the calculations

    Reversible and haber

    The H tier parts of Electroysis - Half equations

  3. hazcard

    hazcard New commenter

    The calculations and which way the reaction goes in the Haber process.
    I've put a revision sheet for C2 calculations in TES resources, it covers everything (I think but would appreciate feedback). I'm attempting to add a worksheet of worked examples (so students can see how to do them), a worksheet of questions and the answers.
    Do I need to put a link in to the resource?
    I hope that it is helpful to people, if you have a comment please reply to the resource so I can update/ change/ review it and make it more useful.
  4. Definitely calculations. If they are mathematically inclined and they can 'see' what the question is asking (ie get their head round what is an abstact idea for them) then they're in with a fighting chance.
    Also I find that just as some of the strugglers are beginning to understand, you throw them an exam style question which is worded slightly differently and it may as well be written in another language!
    Relate it to something 'everyday'. I am in the process of putting together a sheet which does this for yields. Will post here when done.
    For some reason rate of reaction can cause some to slip up too. The vast majority understand the topic, but give them an exam style question to answer and (top sets aside perhaps) see how many answers you have to read before you see the words PARTICLE, COLLISION, ENERGY etc etc mentioned!!

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