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What displays are in your reception classroom?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Teacher1212, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. I am starting my first post in September and have 6 display boards to fill. Obviously for Sept I would need to back all of them but feel I should have atleast one board filled. Thought I could do a birthday display with all the childrens bdays on. I want most of the displays to contain children's work so perhaps in the first week we could do self portraits.
    With regards to phonic sounds, numbers, shapes-I thought I could have wall and ceiling displays for this rather than filling the wall displays?

    How do you do yours? Any ideas/suggestions welcome.
  2. I would do that the opposite way round - keep very key display walls for your phonics and for your maths and let the other pretty things be the decoration.
    Multi-sensory teaching means that children should have very informative and supportive displays to help them - and the teacher should, arguably, maximise the use of their key display areas to support both their teaching and the children's learning.

  3. 6 display boards is a handful. But you'll be glad of them ! If they are the children's height you can make them interactive. Or putting a table underneath one to link to it on your 'theme/topic' area so that the children can interact with it. Things that are multi sensory.

    I like making them so that you include it in your focus time with the chn - let's say it's a literacy focus. one display would be of literacy and I would include it in my teaching - so that the children would thereafter use it as a tool for learning. They would put post it note's on it of things that began with that sound, etc

    It's great to see the children's work up too. But don't make the mistake of putting up literacy and numeracy things that you never refer to in your teaching. Pointless. It's like a noticeboard in the staffroom - you see it there every day nothing changes and you never read it ! Or is that just me .

    Good luck.
  4. You're lucky to have 6- I'm sure you won't have any trouble filling them when the children come back1
    I found a pack that really helped me out on the Mouse Club www.themouseclub.co.uk in the adults section there is a teachers pack- there are some good disply materials like individual number pages, the alphabet - I like to hang them on a make shift washing line across the board so they can be easily moved round for spelling or maths. There are also the Mouse Club characters in A4 size which I have used to create a reading corner (I would advise making a space for reading to get children in the habit).

  5. Hi
    I have
    1) birthdays - I make caterpillars that turn into butterflies on the child's birthday - so the backing board is green with leaves and the caterpillars will be made as a stater activity in the new term.
    2) shape poster with shapes and words around
    3) Welcome to yellow class - obviously I plan to change this board almost immediately but I hate blank boards and this fills a space and looks cheerful
    4) 5 current buns - poem, 5 textured buns and the digits 1-5. this links to a table with knitted current buns on (pattern on ebay) and numicon shapes 1-5.
    5) a jungle display left from last year
    6) my first picture - I have already met the parent and the children and asked for a photo of the child and a piece of art work
    7) colours. Splats of colour with the words on and coloured material hanging down
    8) a low level display board that has flowers on and will eventually have an interactive display with pictures of the children hidden by their baby photo ( to show that they have grown).
  6. Hi,
    If you have a child height board I would be tempted to hand it over to the children for them to display their own work (paintings, pieces of writing etc).
    Good luck
  7. I love your ideas. I take photos of the children during their induction visit and have used them in birthday trains and hot air baskets in the past for the birthday board but I think yours is great.
  8. I have a reception class and 5 boards - I back them all but and label them i.e numeracy, phonics, RE, KUW etc I deliberately do not anything on them until the children start and then they can see this is where their work is displayed and not where I can put visually pleasing pieces.
    It is important to have their birthdays displayed somewhere, I also put the children in groups so they can see their names clearly on the wall. One of the first pieces my children do is a self portrait and overpaint their own names, these are put up as soon as the children go home so they can see them on the next day.
    I have painted a learning tree on my class wall this year and i intend to take photographs of each child the day they start, laminating it and then helping them to place it on the tree. It is important that the children see the classroom not only a place for learning but also a place where they can be proud of the work they have displayed.
  9. May already be a bit late for you but I take photos of the new children during my home visits, nursery visits and their visit to school and make a dsiplay linked to SEAL and new beginnings. During the first week I add a school photo. They love coming to school to see themselves already part of the classroom environment. I also do birthdays, phonics and have just made an interactive maths display with a robot that opens its mouth and holds a number or shape for example for the children to explore. You could class rules and how they are going to work together (handprints). I also do plasticine names in bright colours early on.
  10. Hi Bezbo, I love your ideas - could you expand on them a little? For the maths robot how do the children explore the number or shape? And the plasticine names - do you take photographs of these for your display? Thanks
  11. depending on how organised u r this might b a bit late but have u tried www.**********.co.uk? loads of FREE downloadable stuff for lit/num/topics/b'days/sign adn label/letters and sounds great for any display or will at least get the creative juices flowing!
  12. I love your ideas...I was going to do 'frogs' on lilies for birthdays but the caterpillar/butterfly is much better and I love the idea of the photos, hidden in flowers. I have just moved to reception after many years in KS2 and am absolutley loving it...any ideas how to manage the EYFS profiles???????

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