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What did people think of this years eddxcel Graphic Products paper

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by dahaka78, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. After seeing the paper, although I felt the majority of the paper was sufficient I can not believe that one of the biggest questions was regarding transdermal drug patches. I appreciate this is in the scheme as a smart material but the question was not written regarding anything to do with graphic products and was more of a biology question discussing thier use apposed to prescription drugs. Any thoughts?


  2. TES Resource Team

    TES Resource Team Occasional commenter Institute Enrolment Advisor

    We had a couple of rouge questions yesterday with our AQA graphic products paper, related to product life cycle. However most of it they could work out without prior knowledge and it was not worth a lot of grades. Was your science, I mean DT based question worth a lot? PS I teach AS and A2 product design and we cover smart materials in real depth, never seen that one in any associated text. Maybe the person writing the examine ran out of ideas, needed a fag and thought I know.....

  3. I feel alot of the exam boards are trying to catch-out pupils in Graphic Products, there is so much to cover in the spec and the majority questions don't seem to be design focused for example, typography, colour, CAD/CAM. This was my first year with AQA as previously we were with WJEC and some of their past exam papers were just ridiculous, so we moved exam boards.
  4. Spencer_DT

    Spencer_DT Occasional commenter

    Yeh you can spend forever chopping and changing boards, in future if you expect a rogue question and the pupils do the same then they will not panic and will be logical about it.

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