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What could YOU do better?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Rockmeamadeus, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. This term (and this year) seem to have gone on and on with one stressfull thing after another. Each year I promise myself and my family that I will do less and I always seem to end up doing more . . on cosequently with a veryy uncomfortable pain in my chest!!
    Neverthe less, reviewing your year, your scheme, your extracuriccular, your personal music making (if you get time for any) . . . what things are you going to change to make things better for you or your students next year?
    I conduct a review of my scheme of work and my teaching practice every year. Changing the scheme and the planning, the extracurricular is easy. Changing weaknesses in my teaching practice take more backbone.
  2. dropje

    dropje New commenter

    More music, no more nonsense development courses, I am going to change the dates for all my SEF's action plans, Perf. Management p/work to this academic year.
    I am sick of it all. I miss making music with the kids!
  3. This all sounds familiar, with the exception of no practical for KS3 other than keyboards - after a successful year getting my year 7s to sing (and also for once they're not going to muddle my classes up into year 8 so I lose all the confidence they've built) I'm going to build in my vocal work into my schemes of work with lots of those nice booklets that I've cribbed from on here, to prove to SLT that yes the little darlings are doing something in my lessons.......
    Oh the the big aim of making my current year 10s finish everything without pushing deadlines to the last minute and stressing me out - seeing what they're like at the moment, I'm not holding my breath on that one though.
    Lidl? Tesco's at least. Although there's a new Waitrose opening where I am - maybe I could aspire to sitting on a check-out there - Green quite suits me!
  4. Well, after successfully producing a school musical last year, practically single-handedly, on 0.6, and then have my timetable cut to 0.5, I've decided to cut back on school productions, and focus on what my job really is, which is teaching!

    I also did a cat and dog revue show, last term (thanks again to those of you, particularly Marlin, who gave me ideas and suggestions!) but that was only possible by going in for extra rehearsals on my day off. My teaching has definitely suffered from doing large-scale productions, so this term, I'm focussing on my lesson plans, being better organized, and updating my knowledge of music technology.

    Once I have better units in place, and tightened up my assessment tasks, then I'll get back to the fun stuff like concerts

    It's a shame that it has to be this way, but there's a limit to what a sole music teacher can achieve on a part-time basis, and I'm tired of working full-time for half the wages!
  5. sparklepig2002

    sparklepig2002 Star commenter

    I had a review this time last year. . I teach in several schools and was doing different key stages at each school.I was lucky enough to be able to change my teaching so that now I teach the same key stage in each school. Only one set of plans to produce, which need only slight adapations for each school, one set of resources etc etc. It has worked really well and I have enjoyed this year much more than previously and it has cut down my planning time tremendously.
    Still need to improve with the old Music technology though. Have a bit of money in the budget-what programmes would anyone recomend for ks1?
  6. This is something I'm thinking about too, Sparkles.

    This isn't a program, but have you checked out www.musictechteacher? Might be a little advanced for ks1, but worth having a look. Very interactive, and my year 5 and 6's love it.
  7. sparklepig2002

    sparklepig2002 Star commenter

    thanks Annie-I will have a look.

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