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What can teachers do to their classrooms?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by atlantadonbavand, Oct 27, 2019.

  1. atlantadonbavand

    atlantadonbavand New commenter

    I am a trainee teacher and was just wondering what teachers can and can not do to their classrooms please.
    Are teachers able to decorate their classroom anyway they like such as change the colour of the walls (still keeping it neutral tones) and decorate the classroom door or is their a limit to what they can do?

  2. thecagedbird

    thecagedbird New commenter

    Depends on each school. Some will have very specific policies about what you have to do. Some will be a lot more flexible.
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  3. Over_the_hill

    Over_the_hill Star commenter

    Up to each school. Some will specify the display content, colours of the backing paper and border roll. There is a school in Grays I visited where every classroom in each year group has to be absolutely identical and are inspected regularly.

    We just have a few sensible non-negotiables and the rest is up to us.
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  4. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Star commenter

    As others have said, it depends totally on individual schools … but, with the way budgets are now, if you offered to come in during the holidays and re-decorate your classroom in neutral tones - I think many would jump at it!
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  5. DexterDexter

    DexterDexter Occasional commenter

    Slow down! You’re not thinking of painting and decorating are you? Eek! Who would pay for the paint/brushes etc?

    I agree with the above- ask what the school does as each one is different.

    Before you ask, a way to get a few more Brownie points and appear knowledgeable would be to look around for motion sensitive intruder alarms (as it would mean not putting work on washing lines- no-one likes getting called to an alarm at 2am because your artwork set it off!)
    Has the school got fairly new doors/recently painted/has anyone else stuck things to their doors (& how)?
    Would you need a step ladder? Ask about training for working at height? Some schools have a policy on this!
    Be mindful of not blocking fire exits.
    I had a cleaner grumble at me when I was young and excited and moved the tables into a labyrinth formation as they couldn’t get the vacuum round easily!
    (Stick staples in at a slight angle so they are easier to take out and always staple display pause from the middle to avoid creases)

    Decide your work load before starting to plan your classroom- definitely no painting walls!
    I always said that “I don’t want to block natural light” whenever it was suggested I make a display on windows!
    Some schools don’t like internal windows covered (then they can peak on you without coming in! That works both ways as you see them before they appear in the middle of your classroom!)
  6. sooooexcited

    sooooexcited Established commenter

    I asked the site manager to repaint mine over the holidays which he did.
    However, at my last school, when I rearranged the desks to accommodate a student with a wheelchair, the Headteacher came into my class during a PE lesson and put all the tables back!

    Each school is unique I'm afraid. But I would focus 100% on the quality of teaching before considering anything else.
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  7. ViolaClef

    ViolaClef Lead commenter

    I have never known a teacher to paint their classroom. In my experience the choice of colour is usually made by senior management/the Head and the painting is done by the caretaker - or a professional painter/decorator if there’s a lot to do.
    Ask your mentor about any rules regarding what you can and can’t do in this regard and read any policies on displays etc.
  8. speaker2

    speaker2 Occasional commenter

    Depends on the school. Some are really controlling, others not so. Do not assume anything from your observations on visiting the school either - you need to find out from SLT what their expectations are. I advise putting queries in email and CC to other SLT so the response is evidenced, as some MLT may be saying contradictory things to you and others. I knew one school that had one middle leader who told colleagues no one could use the twinkling products in displays, but there were many classrooms and hall spaces that did. One newly promoted middle leader then said to a TA that the self-created vocabulary signs had to be redone as not colourful enough - then the TA did new signs which were colourful, but could not be read clearly by anyone as colours were not easy to read...
  9. digoryvenn

    digoryvenn Lead commenter

    As a trainee teacher, please do not do any 'decorating' to your classroom. The class teacher/head will not be pleased.
    Ask for the classroom display policy.

    Please focus on teaching the pupils in your class very well.
  10. hhhh

    hhhh Star commenter

    Surely the staff should be aware if a student needs an adjustment, and to make sure that the class is left ready for him/her? It's fine if the HT(or anyone-the HT should not be considered most important in scuh a case) wants to move something for their class, but they should not inconvenience a person with a medical need.

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