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What can parents do for you?

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by psigrist, Jun 11, 2020.

  1. psigrist

    psigrist New commenter

    Two of us, one teacher and me, a former head of communications here at Tes, have decided the circular argument about school reopening isn't going to stop any time soon. We've decided not to be bystanders.

    Sign up for a free workshop designed to give practical and essential ways to improve your parent communication today.

    This Sunday evening, we run the first in a series of free workshops focused on an area we think is going to become mighty important in the months, probably years ahead.

    Parental engagement. Register today for the first Zoom workshop and you'll receive log-in details before the workshop.

    Since we offered to invest our time doing this for a our contacts, word has spread, it's grown and we now have dozens of school leaders and teachers signed up.

    If you deal with parents a lot and think, like us, they're going to be playing a bigger role in their children's education in the period ahead, jump on board and let's see if we can become the experts at creating positive parent communities!

    The team at Just Add Parents: Pete Sigrist, formerly head of communications at Tes, and has worked in professional communications for 20 years; Simon Roundell, teacher, head of business at Wellington College and has experienced the full range of quality in parent engagement, from the expert to the dire.

    Hopefully see some of you there, thank you.

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