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What can I do instead of teaching?

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by excitableashell, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. Hello all

    I've been working as a sales rep for an educational resources company for the last 2 years. The work is easy and you get all the school holidays. Not as well paid as being a teacher, granted, but you get basic salary and commission on whatever you sell.

    It's not like selling fitted kitchens or any other 'typical' sales job. It's more a case of demonstrating resources and letting the schools decide what they want to buy.

    Personally, I love it. The down side is the dogs abuse from teachers (!) when you're trying to get appointments to dem resources. Lord knows, I appreciate they're busy, but sometimes there's just no NEED!!

    Good luck :)
  2. Chaucer73-Not at all! For a start pyramid selling is illegal and secondly this is a network marketing business backed by a plc company listed on the LSE (Telecom Plus plc). The two are very different!

  3. Can anyone suggest what I can do? I am an NNEB, as with all NNEB's in schools I am to be made redundant, in favour of Mums from our playground training as classroom assistants. As their wages are a lot less than mine, and it is me that they want rid of.

    I have been qualified for a very long time and been with this school 14 years and now they are pushing for me to take early retirement/voluntary redundancy. I have worked for Social Services, ran my own Playgroup voluntarily, same with Mother's and Toddler's. Was a Nanny two years and did Childminding 5 years.

    But I have to find another well paid job as I have to pay the mortgage. My husband has not worked since '79 as he is disabled. What do I do?

    I may be lucky and get a Nanny job, but it will have to be a live in position at the other end of the country as there are non where I live. It would mean leaving my husband and 11 year old son. But I have to work and cannot see any other solution to my problem. My mortgage will not be cleared until I am well passed retiring age. Any suggestions please??
  4. Hi emmapax,

    i would be interested to know how you found your job as i want out of teaching but can't face losing the hols. I also like the thought of doing something education related, it's just the constant workload and stress of teaching i can't (and don't want to) deal with... I feel lazy for saying this but what is wrong with wanting a job you can switch off from and enjoy your evenings and weekends without panic over lesson plans and marking?! teaching just isn't for me.

    little.miss x
  5. Hi little.miss

    Sorry for the delay in replying. I found my job via an ad in the local press, as my company was looking for someone to cover a specific area. It's quite unusual for educational resources suppliers to advertise in this way, so I guess I just got lucky! I spotted the ad just shortly after I found out that I was being made redundant from a very well paid but exremely stressful and life-consuming management position in financial services. Restoring my work-life balance, lots of lovely holidays and massive reduction in stress levels has more than compensated for the drop in salary.

    We have one or two ex-teachers working for us, but we're quite a mixed bag. The one thing we all have in common is that we're not typical sales people (i.e. hard sell, in your face kind of thing). Our approach is very gentle and we take the time to build relationships of trust with teachers & schools. It takes a little while to get into and some aspects of the job are frustrating (see my previous post!), but on the whole I really enjoy it and you get to play with some lovely resources :)

    I get paid a basic wage, plus a small amount of commission on whatever I sell. I use my own car, but I get a monthly allowance to cover maintenance costs and I'm reimbursed for fuel costs, parking and other expenses incurred (phone, post etc.). The only things I do miss about my old job are the generous sick pay & pension schemes!!

    My initial advice would be to check out the websites of all the resource providers & publishers for current vacancies. Also try totaljobs.com as a lot of vacancies are advertised here. Terms & conditions and pay can vary a lot, but it depends whether you want to work for a smaller company that has a real family feel to it (like mine) or a big company with lots of perks but which is more impersonal.

    Off the top of my head, some examples would be: Harcourt Education; Pearson Education & Collins Education. You can also find educational suppliers on the BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association) website:


    Hope this helps. Good luck!!

  6. thanks emmapax will look into it! am really glad you have found something that suits you
  7. An exteacher has told me today that getting into marketing is quite easy; that is what she is doing now and loves it. She suggested that I worked voluntarily at a charity shop doing some marketing for them.
  8. This seemed like a good place to post this.

    I have been working freelance on a project for about 8 months now, and the funding has finally come together. The company I have been working for are now looking for teachers to start working for us in a couple of months on GCSE revision resources on a freelance basis. I cannot reveal too much on here due to NDA, but if anyone is interested (we are looking across subjects, but secondary level) drop me an email:


    Also, I'm looking for a list of good places to advertise for freelancers - where do you look in the first instance for work?
  9. yme


    it's so good to read this thread, I feel like I've just been invited to join your gang ;-)
    thanks for all the ideas - I am yet another who is desperate to get out, and now have lots of leads to follow up.
  10. yme

    How do you plan to survive until Christmas teaching in a place you don't want to be? I am struggling!
  11. yme


    mostly I am going to keep my head down! I have performance management meeting coming up and after that I suspect a little less pressure will be put on for fear of an explosion. I'm not the only one - looks like most of the staff are struggling, it's just that the others seem to think that is how it should be. Having read this thread I am now a lot more sure in my opinion that actually it SHOULDN'T be like this!
  12. yme


    has anybody got anywhere? I've looked at all the info on this thread (many thanks) but seem to be stuck in a rut of thoughts like "yes, online publishing looks interesting"..but can't see any way of actually finding such a job for a disenchanted teacher of 50+ :-(

    as breadwinner, can't take too many risks.
  13. yme


    still curious - it isn't getting any better here. HT finding more things that need formal assessment, more addtional tasks by the moment.
    Has anyone taken the dive?
    How on earth do you know whre to look?
    I've been browsing the net and papers (local and national) but nobody seems to be offering anything I'd have the nerve to try for.
  14. Well, I'm setting up my own garden design and maintainence company, had some interviews for transitions worker, youth work- didn't get it though.
    Keep looking!
  15. So why wouldn't you have the nerve to try? Unless you get it from somewhere you aren't going to get far!!!
  16. I always add this to alternative career questions, have you looked into working for Connexions?
  17. yme


    I've just censored my reply to Brett ;-)

    There have been more than enogh posters here to establish that it isn't easy chucking in the towel and trying something else - and for someone over 50 it is very hard to imagine an employer will look favourably on my application for something I am not experienced in.

    And yes - thanks - I am investigating connexions.
  18. I am a researcher looking into the subject of retention in the teaching profession.

    I would very much like to talk to anyone who has left teaching for another profession, and find out why people leave, and where they go to.

    tina DOT bellamy AT granadamedia DOT com
  19. girlfriday14

    girlfriday14 New commenter

    It's so hard!!! I am in my 7th year and already fed up of new strategies and initiatives - there is always something else to do and another box that needs to be ticked; a lot more work for teachers, and what bugs me is that none of it seems to benefit the children.
    I have enjoyed reading this thread - I'm not the only one!!!
    Same problem as others though - I earn quite a lot now and other jobs seem to be a major drop in salary and I am the main bread winner. Also, my cousin left teaching a couple of years ago and she had to leave with nothing to go to: she found that although you have to give 6 weeks notice to leave teaching, when you apply for other jobs they want you to start in 3-4 weeks. With other jobs you don't need to give as much notice. Did anyone else find this?

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