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What can I do instead of teaching?

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by excitableashell, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. I want to leave teaching... I'd like to use my business degree and IT skills. Elearning interests me!

    My only concern is my huge mortgage!!! As most jobs are not like teaching jobs you know have an interview in Feburary for a September start!! So I'd have to hand in my notice in May and then start the job hunt in July, this is just too much of a gamble as I could loose my house if I don't get a job!

    Any advice am I being sensible or just a a worry wart?
  2. I left teaching last year and started a dream job as Head of Education & Youth Work for a charity. I so loved my job and realised how wonderful the world is outside of teaching, until I got made unexpectedly redundant last month (a third of workforce lost their jobs)! I am now obviously gutted, have no job, no money and worry for the future but the one thing I have learned from this is how happy and healthy I became once I left teaching. I will NOT go back into the classroom even thoug it is the most obvious and probably easiest solution.
  3. There's always this sort of thing to aim for:

    Education Development Manager
    £34,986 ? £40,812 per annum

    Ref: CX143

    Newcastle Science City

    Newcastle Science City is a unique integration of science and technology research and development and its application with spatial planning and urban development. It will provide a significant new opportunity to boost the economic and social development of the City, the Region, and the North as a whole.

    Newcastle Science City is promoted as ?world class science for the benefit of everyone?, ensuring that the city and the region reap the rewards of world-class research and its commercial applications. Education, skills and public engagement are therefore at the heart of the Newcastle Science City strategy. The focus is on ?nurturing and attracting people to work in science and learn science, including the attraction of world class researchers and the widespread promotion of participation and excellence in our schools?. This has been translated into an Integrated Education Strategy.

    The Newcastle Science City partnership ? made of Newcastle City Council, One North East and Newcastle University ? is now looking for an experienced and enthusiastic Education Development Manager to take this agenda forward and to develop and implement the Newcastle Science City Integrated Education Strategy.

    The successful candidate will be part of the Newcastle Science City team made of policy, business, science and innovation professionals. He/She will pro-actively manage positive working relationships with a large number of partners and stakeholders such as Schools, Further/Higher Education institutions and the Learning and Skills Council. He/She will also champion the delivery of a well integrated and coherent package of activities across the North East, provide policy input, review, develop and produce operational plans in line with strategic priorities.

    The ideal candidate will have demonstrable knowledge of economic development, education and skills policy and strategy issues at local, regional and national levels. He/She will also have working knowledge of Education and skills practices and methods and cognisance of the network of Education and Skills providers in the North East region. To ensure the Education Strategy is best implemented, he/she will have the ability to build win-win relationships and to negotiate with senior executives within the private and public sector.

    For an informal conversation about this role, please contact Joseph Place: joseph.place@newcastlesciencecity.com /0191 229 6445. For an application pack please contact the Resourcing Team on 0191 211 6359 (answerphone) or apply online at www.newcastle.gov.uk/jobs. Closing Date : 15th February 2007
  4. I have been reading all the posts and thinking I feel exactly the same. On half term at mo and dreading returning on Monday - feeling ill thinking about it. I also feel exhausted at the thought of looking for another job - but I know I will have to eventually. I was so excited the day I started my PGCE, oh if I had only known, Its not really the kids that get me down I have some fab classes and the pupils are great! Its the red tape, the endless marking, target setting, the endless marking (did I mention that already) the narrow minded senior managers - the take take environment,' Oh have you not done that! comments when we you have spent hours completely another task that is ignored. You never seem to get any thanks just 'what can you do now!' I hate it, there is no satisfaction. I could work every evening, and every weekend (most of the day) and still not get everything done, and then you are made to feel guilty because you went out with friends on the Saturday and did not mark. Its making me ill. 2007 is the year I find another job! Its scary, I am not sure what to do - I have financial committments and for the first time I am earning a decent salary with a good pension, its hard to replace that!

    When are the government going to wake up and realise that the system is burning out teachers! - in the newspapers today they are saying that teachers are not stretching the pupils enough - its BECAUSE WE ARE EXHAUSTED! GIVE US SMALLER CLASSES, LESS CLASSES, HIRE MORE TEACHERS AND GIVE US PROPER PPA TIME IN WHICH TO PLAN, MARK ETC... SO OUR TIME OFF IS GOOD QUALITY TIME FOR US TO RECHARGE ETC TO GIVE MORE!
  5. Hey Dids, you couldn't of put my thoughts any clearer! I know exactly where you are coming from! (as my original posting kind of outlines)
    I am still on my quest for the next career move, not much luck yet, although these postings have all been very helpful for me and hopefully many others.
    I am currently perusing a copy of '101 Career Alternatives for Teachers' by Margaret M. Gisler. Although it is a US edition I have found it to be quite helpful when looking for insights into career alternatives.
    It sets out the information into headings e.g. Transferable Teaching Skills, Necessary Skills, How You Will Spend Your Day, Monetary Rewards - to name but a few.
    I hope things start to look up for you as the year moves on. Stay in touch and hopefully we can finally reach that long awaited normality and that light at the end of the very long tunnel!!
  6. Could you give us a couple of examples from the book please (101 alternative careers)

  7. Yeah sure, it's hard to get all the information and examples down here as they are split into chapters (11 in all) depending on what you might like to specialize in.
    Chapter 1 - Unusual Teaching Situations
    This looks at jobs within the education system, just not teaching.
    e.g. - prison facility teacher
    - school media specialist

    Chapter 2 - Being in Charge
    This looks at supervisory & managerial roles.
    e.g. - Property/Facilities Manager
    - Public Relations Manager
    - Retail Sales Manager

    Chapter 3 - The Business World
    This looks at using teachers creativeness and instructional abilities.
    e.g. - Advertising/Marketing Consultant
    - Executive Search Recruiter

    An example of how they set the information out is as follows. (I won't write all of it though!)
    Financial Planner
    DEFINITION: Financial planners review clients' situations and then make suggestions on how to specifically achieve financial goals
    TRANSFERABLE TEACHING SKILLS: Estimating, Budgeting, Counselling.
    NECESSARY SKILLS: Ethical character, Financial knowledge, Excellent communication skills
    SUCCESS TIPS: Keep up with financial education, Have a strong educational and ethical background, Listen to the clients' needs.
    9 TO 5 HOW YOU WILL SPEND YOUR DAY: Various types of financial assistants exist, such as insurance agents, accountants, and stockbrokers, but most have specialized in a particular aspect of finances.
    Before advising clients, financial planners gather all financial information from clients records and other financial advisers. After determining their clients' financial objectives and reviewing...
    WHERE WILL YOU SPEND YOUR DAY: Financial Planners usually work in offices, either with or without other financial planners, or at home. Travel is limited to attending civic functions...
    CAREER FORECAST: Because of our nation's increasing affluence and reliance on individual investments, this field should grow quite rapidly.
    MONETARY REWARDS: Through various combinations of consultation fees, commissions, or both, their salaries range from...
    UP THE LADDER: Successful financial planners advance through clientele growth, larger accounts, and years of experience...
    RELATED JOBS: Insurance Agent, Real Estate Agent, Credit Analyst

    I hope this is some help to you!
  8. And yet another teacher who is jaded despite the holiday....

    I am always tired, I am working from home all the time - I have forgotten what evenings and weekends are for!

    I am a scientist who is trying to start her own business (sorry I am going to do a blatant plug www.e-ducate.net)

    What else can I do cos I can't keep doing this...

    Last time at the drs resting heart rate was 140 beats/min and bp was 150/98!!!

    maddy xx
  9. thankyou
  10. The thing that keeps me going are the holidays .... would be interested in hearing from those who have escapted - how do you find not having half terms and holidays each 8 weeks.... or so.
  11. Old SENCO - I thought I would miss them terribly, however am used to it now. My husband is not a teacher so I always felt a bit guilty having lie ins, my children are now old enough for me not to have to be around all holiday and I do only work four days a week!
  12. I don't miss the holidays, I barely need them. It's a lovely treat if I want time off or to go on holiday (when I want). But I'm not counting down the days anymore till half term - and I used to live for half term.
  13. So what else can a secondary scientist do without a huge wage cut??? I can stand to go down to 30K...

    Please help me I am sure that I am going to have a breakdown soon if I have to keep going....

    maddy x
  14. I'm 50 years old, took a break to bring up two children and then returned to teaching. Although I only work 4 days a week, I don't enjoy it, I'm tired all the time and I want 2007 to be the year I do something different. The problem is my age - I'm probably too old to retrain and I still do have a mortgage to pay.
  15. janemk

    janemk New commenter

    Exactly, karatecat! You don't NEED the holidays if you don't do a job as exhausting and time-consuming as teaching! You get complete relaxation in the evenings and weekends, unlike many teachers, and not half as much physical/mental stress/full-on concentration during the working day.

    Markee, I am retraining as a counsellor and there are people on my course (including one ex teacher!) who are your age. Never say never!
  16. I have been teaching 4 years and absolutely love it. Unfortunately my passion for teaching the kids has been marred by the usual politics and non teaching related issues. So I took an opportunity to work for myslef, part time, on something that i have control over and am totally dedicated to. I am not going to give you the details of what it is that i do, because i don't want to been seen to solicit or advertise, however it is legal, moral and totally legitimate.
    If you have an opportunity to work on a small project or a business, that you can call your own then you can use school as a wage. I know a lot of teachers who have turned to earning a seond income and it has taken the pressure off their school life.
  17. I find a lot of what's been said inspiring (and intriguing Glynntonic!) but somehow I still can't quite think I can do it! desperately need to leave my current teaching post. The thought of going back on Monday makes me feel sick! I just can't believe I can do anything else or that anyone would give me a job (even another teaching job at this rate). Saw what, once upon a time, would have been my dream job and got really excited but have talkedmyself out of applying. Self-esteem at a real low.
  18. Melkdown I feel the same!

    I am single so do not have partners income to fall on so I am same as you MadScentist need to earn region of £30k to pay the mortgage and bills, lower than 27k I would not manage I'm trapped. I know I could leave today and get a job on £22k trianing in a new career.

    Just don't know what to do!!! I'm so tired all the time I am only 25 but feel 15 years older than that, I want to enjoy my 20's noy be so stressed out. It not the kids or even my school as such, its just the profession not right for me I think. Parents want me to stick it at so they are not much support and most of my friends are teachers so some can sympathise but they are unable to advise.

    I can't take that leap of faith and hand in my notice in May as if I don't find employment over the Summer I loose eveyrthing... I'm having such a crisis with this at the mo!!! I guess if I can't find work straight away I could bridge the gap by doing supply (gulp!) in September, but then can you earn enough to live off doing this, is the work out there?

    Rant rant rant :) !!!

    All pearls of wisdom appreciated! Glad I'm not alone.
  19. I meant MY parents by the way in my post above, just to be clear!
  20. snowboarder

    snowboarder New commenter

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