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What can I do instead of teaching?

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by excitableashell, Jan 1, 2007.

  1. I work for Connexions and at present my job is secure. I joined three years ago having been in (and out whilst I had my children) of teaching since leaving college. I didn't return to teaching full time after children and for the last three years, whilst searching for an alternative, did supply. You have mentioned the pre requisite of having an NVQ Level 4; our partnership do want this or ?an equivalent qualification and relevant experience?. My honours degree plus my teaching experience were almost enough. However I think the experience that clinched it was my Citizens Advice Bureau training. Whilst searching I did the CAB Personal Adviser training, it's free, incredibly comprehensive, gives you accredited points towards a future degree for example, but most importantly for me the 1:1 advisory skills. I still do CAB and work three days for Connexions, I work in two school offering information, advice and support to Yr11s with their post 16 options. My main role is to work with an identified group of potential NEETs (not in employment, education or training)and try to get them engaged so that when they leave they are part of the EET (in employment, education or training)group! I love my job; love being in schools but not having to teach...
  2. I'm also doing CAB training and I love it! I'm starting to look for paid jobs in this type of work as I've really had enough of teaching now.
  3. karate cat your job sounds really interesting. what did you search under to find a job writing elearning materials?

    thanks in advance
  4. Giggirl and Gillw did you do your CAB while working/teaching full-time or did you have to work unpaid for a while? I will do anything I can to get a job as a PA! I am still in my teaching job at the moment but want to know whether I should hand in my notice before I can start something like CAB adviser? Ideally I would have a job to go to before quitting you see...
  5. boing I was very lucky. I was doing supply for the last two years of my teachng time and did the CAB training one day a week; I did do all the work at home but fitted it in. I still do one day at CAB and it is voluntary, as all PAs at CAB are. Where abouts are you? If I can give you any more advice please do ask away!(I'm happy to e mail you)
  6. I am also on supply and spend 1-2 days a week in the Bureau or working on training materials at home. There is a 4-day course which you have to do after the first few months (I'm doing it in Feb). My bureau only opens in office hours, but some do evening or weekend sessions. The whole training takes one to two years, so it is quite a commitment, but I really enjoy the work.
  7. I left teaching in Sept 2002 after 4 years in the clasroom and all that time with a rare neurological condition, that made me very tired (and as teaching was back then with no PPA time) basically I was exhausted and had several periods off work on long term sick (with HT understandably not best pleased!). I refused to go to occupational health to be told I couldn't teach again as didn't want to limit my options as thought I might cope with supply. But fortunately landed a dream job with the LEA as Manager of a Playing for Success Centre where I still taught out of school hours with a curriculum that was less restrictive more creative and managed by me! I am still there and am paid on the soulbury scale now on point 10. Only thing I dont get is the school holidays but I genuinely don't miss them! I am not as tired still get to teach but have quite substantial management responsibilities which has opened other doors for both NPQH, management roles in general and LEA posts. So yes keep an eye out for LEA jobs and Playing for Success its great!
  8. Hello Fig,

    I think I did a few searches for elearning, e-learning, and e learning (different people list them differently!). There's also an elearning jobs page http://www.e-learningjobcentre.co.uk/

    Bonne chance

  9. Do you work for the OUP then, fairy? I've always wanted to work for them!

    Were you a teacher first or have you always worked in publishing?

    My dream is to edit a dictionary there... we shall see...

  10. giggirl, my email is jzebedee@hotmail.com, would love to hear all about your work at CAB and getting job with Connexions. xx
  11. No, I don't work for OUP karatecat, just saw this on the Guardian jobs email I get and thought it apropriate. I'd idealy like to work for Blackwells - they're my dream job publishers! I never taught, came straight into publishing with education as my specialty. It often works against me!
  12. Cheers fairy,

    There's lots of good stuff out there right now, but I only started this job about 6 months ago, and it's great so I don't want to start looking around just yet!
  13. Ahh, I see. I'm collecting freelance at the moment!
  14. Is boing out there? I just sent you a long e mail and it's come bouncing back!

  15. giggirl - I just posted on your other thread!
  16. Have left teaching and have got ill-health pension.
    I upped my pension by transferring my old pension from previous employment to the teaching pension.
    Write to your teaching public pension provider and ask for a copy of the rules regarding early retirement due to ill-health.
    You will find that if you can make your term of service just past 10years (do this by transferring existing pension from previous employment) you will get an enhanced pension of a further 10 years.
    My advice is get hold of your pension provider's literature.
    Admittedly I am getting less money but I've just had to cut my cloth accordingly as my health deteriorated as a result of teaching...more correctly a bullying H.T.
    Instead I am saving money by cooking and preparing all meals from scratch spending half of what i did previously. I got a bus pass so I gave up my car, more saving and I do more around the house.
    Plus I buy a lot of my clothes from the charity shops.
    I have a lot more time for my family and even walk the dog twice daily which is good for my general health.
    My next thing to build up my confidence is that I'm going to do some charity work for the WRVS before embarking on retail.
  17. UP for essexlady ^^

    fairy xx

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