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what are your views on my topics for presentation.

Discussion in 'Science' started by mickymilan, May 13, 2011.

  1. mickymilan

    mickymilan New commenter

  2. hummi7883

    hummi7883 New commenter

  3. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    What about the mismatch between the maths skills required in GCSE physics and Chemistry and the much lower maths skills that are actually taught in maths! Meaning that you ned up teching maths as well as science becaise in many papers 25% or more of the marks are for their maths skill not their science knowledge.
  4. sep2

    sep2 New commenter

    Yes that is a good one blazer. We have done some A'level Biology statistics and the stats they have to know and apply is more difficult than the A'level Statistics module!!!! I was discussing it with the maths department and they couldn't believe what they were expected to do.
    I actually think it is lower down than GCSE too. If you look at the graph drawing skills at KS3. In fact graph drawing in general is a problem. Maths it has a straight line, Biology it doesn't always (enzyme graphs for example). They can't grasp that a line of best fist is one which best fits their results.
    Could be an interesting topic with literacy and numeracy.
  5. The subjects you chose are unlikely to be IMPORTANT: what matters is how you put them over. "Teachers" who cannot be enthusiastic, interesting and knowledgable about topics of their own chosing are not likely to cope with a nationally imposed curriculum.
    HOWEVER, what you prepare needs to be considered and read over a few times. I appreciate that you are excited and keen to get started, but text-speak - "u" instead of "you" - and not noticing CAPS LOCK ON gives an impression of someone who does not care very much. This may not be the case and I am sure your interviewing panel will not consist of old fuddy-duddies like me. However, if you do not aim for 100% accuracy in your work, how can you demand it of your pupils?
    I mentor NQTs and was recently advised by a colleague to show them an article where governors had typed in the candidates name to a search engine and obtained photos or comments of behaviour which would not be appropriate for school children; needless to say, those candidates were not offered posts! Please consider your activities over the next few months - once you have a job you will be able to express your opinions, safe in the knowledge that it may be hard to get rid of you (although not so hard to prevent you from progressing). I am not advocating being boring, conventional and a toady, but merely suggesting you are aware of the persona you project AND that you are willing to take the consequences of your actions.
    Good luck (Goldsmiths will be the easy bit).
  6. hummi7883

    hummi7883 New commenter

    Thanks blazer i think i will go with this one and wow sep2 i have no idea what you are talking about,i think i should research more....
    Thanks 'physics suits you.'..I really appreciate this advice and i am going to take it onboard for sure.I think I deserve it.
    I will be a mature student who is out of studies from a very long time,working as an LSA to get a bit more experience and guilty of being very laid back for the last couple of years( have a 2 year old and a husband,who keeps saying'get out of your comfort zone now!!! )am very determined and enthusiastic about the coming year and completely understand the persona thing which has to be continually practised .Thanks you once again ,i did not realize how importantthis is!!
    By the way is it alright to use a quotation or phrase either in the starting or the end,does that sound very dramatic...?

  7. hummi7883

    hummi7883 New commenter

    (oops i really have to work hard....still messed up a lot of the text..sorry..lolz)


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