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What are your top tips for an NQT in MFL?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by Jasmine1, Aug 8, 2007.

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  2. Jasmine

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  5. Got it - thanks
  6. Hi Smelly,

    Could you send me some info on the markbook as well? robbo1981 at gmail dot com.

  7. My tips would be (and I have my head of year hat on with this really I suppose)

    - build up the relationships by getting to know their favourite football team, TV programme etc. This will go a long way. Depending on the school you are at, some kids need to feel liked before they produce the goods.

    - organise a seating plan for every class. Don't fall into the "you can sit where you like and I'll move you if there is a problem" - it causes havoc.

    - once you have organised your seating plan, show it to a teacher who knows the class, or the head of year. You can pick up a lot of invaluable info that way too.

    - write down the names of the kids' form tutors in your planner (or their codes or something). Contact them for tips!

    - if you think you have a dodgy kid, set him up for some kind of success and then trot out a positive phone call home. Aim for as many positive calls as you can. That way it will enthuse the kids that you have noticed them and like them and they may try harder, if they do something bad that you later phone home about the parents will remember you as "That Positive Teacher" and will be more likely to be supportive of you, and finally it will put you in a good mood.

    - go for the minimum number of rows in your room. Don't attempt tables or horseshoes or odd permutations - keep it normal looking till you've sussed out your group and know what they can cope with.

    - go for rules that YOU KNOW you will stick to. For example, I often don't mind kids calling out (it's not chaos or anything!!) but I can't stand it when they get up and wander around.

    - do as much negative disciplining non-verbally as you can ('The Look', shaking head, wagging finger and frown, raised eyebrows), and that goes for positive non-verbal for older kids too.

    - find out the names of their heads of year or deputy heads or whoever it is they hold in high esteem and drop in "Mrs Evans is going to be SO impressed when I show her this work" "Mr Henderson told me how great you lot were, and I think we'll have to invite him up next week to show him just how well you're doing"

    - never *ever* tell them you are new to teaching. Tell them you worked at a really tough school in an area they don't know and that you've heard how lovely this class are. Lean back on the table, smile, look around the room slowly and tell them how they can relax, they're in the hands of an old pro here. If you stand bolt upright in your brand new suit, eyes popping and beads of sweat rolling down your forehead they'll sense panic and swoop in! Walk around your classroom like you own the joint. Grab a chair and say to Damian "budge up I wanna see your work". Stand at the back of the room and talk there for a bit. Don't hover shaking behind your desk!!

    - in the first lesson, get them doing something non-subject specific. I get them to fill out a little questionnaire about how they learn best, what they want me to be like as a teacher ("kind" "strict") etc. The purpose *is* partly to see what they have written but the main part is to scan the room and suss *them* out. Who is making faces? Who is looking scared? Who is nervous asking lots of questions? Who can't actually read it? Who is having difficulties writing? Who is staring out the window? Who is joggling their legs and feet, desperate for action and moving around? Never again will you have a class like this so don't lose the moment. Suck in all the clues you can about this class because once you start the teaching for real there will be few opportunities like this to observe.

    - On your teaching practice you will have done lots of what I call 'chandelier' lessons. Hours of preparation and fabulous all-singing all-dancing resources. If you aim for that standard every lesson now you have a full timetable you will be burnt out by half term. Aim for one or two chandelier lessons every day and the rest bread-and-butters.

    - Don't set every homework as one you have to take in and mark. Get them to learn a list of words then when they are tested get them to swap lists. Give them a list of words or a song and get them to 'teach their parents' and collect a signature. Get them to spend 20 minutes practising skills on a site like zut or linguascope and a signature to show they have done it

    - get a stamp made at somewhere like superstickers.com which says "German Homework not done", then you just have to stamp those planners and sign to show if they haven't done their work

    - sounds silly, but ENJOY it - it's a fantastic job and you get to teach loads of little people and run your own show!

    - lastly, come on this website often and let us know how you get on...!!!

    xx cucumber xx
  8. adr2020

    will do, but email playing up again. Will try over weekend

  9. Fantastic advice coolasacucumber!!

    Thanks for that!

  10. Hi Smelly,

    would you mind sending me some info on markbooks too please

    scoutermatt at yahoo.com

  11. coolascucumber; couldn't have put it better myself! :) Just logged on to reiterate - stampers from superstickers - very useful -get some personalised ones. I even have one just with my name on for signing homework diaries - much quicker than searching for a pen and then scribbling in thirty two times in the few minutes' form time.
  12. HI

    As soon as my email is up & running I will mail the info to those who want it.

    I am having problems at the moment though, but eill keep trying


  13. jolet

    jolet New commenter

    Great tips!!
  14. marmot.morveux

    marmot.morveux New commenter

    Thanks for the advice coolasacucumber! I will be using lots of your tips. I especially like the first lesson tip.
  15. Yes, great tips, thanks. I especially like the idea of getting them to teach their parents something for homework!
  16. Rotwein44

    Rotwein44 New commenter

  17. Rottwein

    You have mail

  18. Hi Smelly,

    would you mind sending me some info on markbooks too please.

    Many thanks,


  19. thanks for all your tips El.
    could you please send me some info on markbooks too?
  20. HI

    I will email info to all who want it.

    Good luck for the year.


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