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What are your experiences of teaching Scientific investigations?

Discussion in 'Science' started by shukri, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. shukri

    shukri New commenter

    My name is Shukri, I am a Primary school teacher and currently an MA Digital Media and Design student at Birkbeck University.

    As part of my Dissertation research, I would like to gather the opinions of Primary school teachers on working scientifically and using scientific investigations in class. My Dissertation on Technology Enhanced Learning is focussed on developing an Educational APP to Support Scientific enquiry in Primary science lessons and the research will support the development of the APP design.

    I hope you can be part of this journey by giving 5 minutes of your time to share your opinions and experiences by answering questions from the short questionnaire. I aim to start analysing the questionnaire next week, so I would love to get the opinions of as many teachers as possible, this would really help me in my research. This study has been approved by the Ethics Committee at Birkbeck University.

    The questionnaire link is https://forms.gle/9BLrnyCyvq3mJCHp6. this is a simple google form to answer the questions.

    I have attached the information sheet pdf giving you more information about the research and the consent form for your participation.

    You are very welcome to see the outcome of the results and how this was used to design an App to support scientific enquiry.

    Kind regards


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