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What are you using instead of P Levels?

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by stressynic, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. stressynic

    stressynic New commenter

    I'm trying to get my head around the p level/ pre key stage changes after some time out of special schools.
    As far as I can make out they are only for end of key stage assessment, and not for planning purposes etc, so what are you using in schools?
    Are schools all using their own ideas?
    I'd love to hear how you're managing and what you think of the new system!
    Thank you in advance :)
  2. lcp_teaching_resources

    lcp_teaching_resources New commenter

    Have you looked at iASEND? It takes the national curriculum and breaks it into small manageable steps as low as the P-levels. It focuses on barriers to learning rather than labels. We have over £3000 children live on the system. www.lcp.co.uk/iasend/
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  3. nicebutdim23

    nicebutdim23 New commenter

    We use Solar with School guidance in the steps.

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