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What are you reading at the moment?

Discussion in 'Book club' started by BadBunny, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. Me too, I love words - I wish we could use obscure words more often.

    I sometimes find one and overuse it - which pisses people off.

    Sometimes I can read something - happened with a book a while ago, and because they 'sped' everywhere, I had to ditch the book. It got on my nerves to that extent. It was sh1te!

    I am now reading 'Dandelion Soup' So far so brilliant.
  2. Loads, I love the holiday.

    I have just read ASBO show by Tony Saint.
    Started Love in the present tense today
  3. I saw that in the bookshop - was it any good?
  4. I too loved The House of Mirth, but it does have a sad ending for Lily Bart. The film is also worth watching. Another book you might like by Edith Wharton is The Custom of the Country. In fact I can't think of a bad book by this writer who is a bit underrated.
  5. I am enjoying this holiday! 2 new authors! a whole host of works to deive into :¬)
  6. Edith Wharton - The Age of Innocence and Ethan Frome are my favourites so far, but there are several I haven't read yet.
  7. I too love The Age of Innocence, and the film version is fabulous. Lovely narrator.
  8. I'm useless at watching films, but I notice 15 titles at the front of the house of mirth - keep me busy for a few days :¬)
  9. I'm reading Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones. Enoying it so far :)

  10. y9840125

    y9840125 Occasional commenter

    I liked the first half of mister pip and then something ruins it...tis a shame...now reading on chesil beach!
  11. revisiting gervais phinn the other side of the dales.
  12. Just read quite a few Philippa Gregory books. Very entertaining!
  13. 'Our Island History' - H E Marshall.
  14. I've just finished 'Notes From An Exhibition' by Patrick Gale which I loved... especially as it was set in parts of Cornwall that I know very well... it's very clever how the author twists the story together, switching from past to present and back again to tie up the events that link everyone together - I love that kind of story. This was the first of his books that I've read and I now want to read 'Rough Music' next... I do *love* the feeling of discovering a new author to enjoy :eek:)
  15. "Taming the Tiger" by Tony Anthony and I'm really enjoying it. It's completely different from most stuff I read, it's the autobiography of a x3 times Kung Fu champion who became a Christian.
  16. Just started Good Morning, Midnight, having read in A.L.Kennedy's intro that the character of Sasha is more rounded than the usual Jean Rhys types. Not recommended for the 3 o'clock in the morning stint though.
  17. I've just started Black Swan Green. I'd read on here about Cloud Atlas and my hand literally hovered between the two before buying. Hope I made the right choice.
  18. dizzymai

    dizzymai New commenter

    Just started Ali Smith's The Accidental
  19. the shakespeare secret. surprisingly good!
  20. The one I'm reading 'properly' at the mo. is

    The Goose Girl- Shannon Hale

    ( I read her sequel previously) and I love it. Aimed at teens, but one of my recent faves.

    Also, The Book thief in the shop, but hardly get a minute to read it- will persevere.

    Also, A G Phinn I was lent- very easy, but not absorbing,

    Also,several others I started in the last couple of months that were good, but I've put down somewhere, or have been tidied away... will root them out soon-

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