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What are you offering instead of Edexcel GCE Applied ICT

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by msa969, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. msa969

    msa969 New commenter

    We will no longer be offering Edexcel GCE Applied ICT so I am researching on alternative courses.

    We are looking AQA Technical either networking or system support as we offer AS/A2 Computing so therefore not thinking of offering AQA programming technical. I know this will appear on the school league table so therefore one reason of choosing it.

    It will be good to hear what other teachers are doing and their reasons?
  2. Charlie W

    Charlie W New commenter

    Not sure yet. Thinking about Edexcel's new BTEC Nationals for 2016 as they're probably the closest thing to the Applied ICT A-level, but we've never done BTEC courses before, so it needs further investigating.
  3. msa969

    msa969 New commenter

    Not sure about BTEC I don't think it will have the cachet with our students as it will be seen as inferior
  4. uselessnerdII

    uselessnerdII New commenter

    Cambridge Technicals ICT L3 Introductory Diploma. The first couple of units are a bit of a slog, and depending on your moderator the assessment process can be a bit of a nightmare, but nowhere near as awful as the UMS grade conversion nightmare of edexcel, am delighted to have binned them off, absolute merchant bankers!
  5. msa969

    msa969 New commenter

    like uselessnerdII I tought the Cambridge technical L3 would be easy to covert for UMS

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