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What are you looking for in...

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by choca_holic, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. ...a 20 minute interview lesson?

    I have an interview in which I have to teach a 20 min
    lesson (primary). I am fine for lesson ideas, but I would love to know from
    heads what you would expect to see in such a lesson, considering it is so much
    shorter than a usual lesson.

    I was thinking:

    Introduce myself, tell them/show my technique for getting
    their attention (demonstrating my approach to BM), 5 min interactive starter-style
    activity as a class, 10 min individual,paired or group activity – quite active/hands
    on, regroup and chn share what they have done/achieved with the class.

    Is this realistic? I’m wary there is very little actual
    teaching, but not sure how to assess their current level of understanding on
    the topic, do a proper teaching input and get meaningful work out of them in 20

    Also, how strict is the 20 minute limit in your school?
    Of course I will plan to finish on time, but if it ends up being 25mins would
    you count this against a candidate when making the final decision?

    Huge thanks in advance for any replies!

  2. Apologies for the strangely large spacing!
  3. Two of the most important things I would be looking at are:
    What did the children learn?
    How was the behaviour managment?
    Think of your Performance Management observations with your current head - what do they look for and what should a 'good lesson' have in it?

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