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What are you doing for World Book Day with your class?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by sauce, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. What is everyone doing for World Book day this year? I am new to EYFS this year and I looking for some ideas to make the day fun. I am particularly interested in ICT ideas. Does anyone know any good book related websites with games for the children (I have use of the ICT room on Book day). Thanks.

  2. we are inviting our parents in to and 'bring your favourite book' (child's obv)
    and having a short amount of time with them sat reading with their child.
    For children without their parents on the day the adults in our setting (nursery and reception) will read with them.
  3. and personally if you are going to do activities for world book day I think it should be about books, not ICT programs.
  4. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    If you're going to be in the ICT room, then you could listen to online stories eg on CBeebies or Oxford Owl.
    The World Book Day site also has links to loads of book based online games.
    We're having a Book Week this year, so have loads of stuff going on: dressing up as a favourite character, bring a favourite book to school, painting favourite story characters, reading with partner classes, competitions, using story boxes to make up stories, treasure trail (hunting around the school for pictures of book covers/characters), teachers reading to each other's classes, and a visiting storyteller.
    We're a 3 form entry school and in Reception, we've decided that each teacher will choose a favourite picture book and create a box of activities based on that book to rotate amongst the 3 classes. I've chosen The Gruffalo, so will be putting in soft toys to retell the story, pictures to order the story, masks and puppets to make and then to act out the story, writing frames etc.
  5. choralsongster

    choralsongster New commenter

  6. I have taken the READ song to YMCA and made it longer. I am going to record my very low Y8 class singing it - and hopefully dancing to it (or at least holding up the appropriate letters) before sending it around the school on the shared area.

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