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What are you all up to during the lockdown?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by sebedina, May 5, 2020.

  1. sebedina

    sebedina Occasional commenter

    I seem to be constantly eating and watching TV series that I am catching up with.

    Also keep watching the news, occasionally taken my bike out. Feeling disoriented and worried about what job I can do as there is so much uncertainty in the next 6 months or so.

    What are you all up to?
  2. HS65

    HS65 Occasional commenter

    Similar ..... tv, listening to a lot of music, walking the dog, popping out on bike now and then (for shopping usually), made some cakes ... generally taking it easy, not fighting it.

    Trying to minimise going out.
  3. sharon7482

    sharon7482 Occasional commenter

    I implemented a routine form day one. I run in the morning, have projects from painting, gardening, cleaning etc. Time table of what to get done each day at smaller level. Am doing a cross stitch, read. I have listened to some brilliant podcast. I like baking. I work once a week.I don't watch TV before 5pm but I do watch a bit of morning news during breakfast. And I still allow myself to be a slob at weekends.

    But I suffer anxiety badly and have been in therapy so I just implemented what I knew I needed to to ensure good mental health. I have spent so much time worrying, I now have just stopped because thwe world just comes along any way. I do have bad days but I am leaning into it when I do and accepting this is a stressful situation.
  4. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    I am similar to HS65, I am a watching TV, reading books and walking Poppy over the fields and moors,, my biggest concern is getting out of the routine of waking up at 4.45 every day and poppy getting used to be at home all day. Sharon, I am also becoming a slob,in that instead of shaving everyday,I shave every four days and I am eating more snacks, more then I should,Ihave now cut out pork scratchings, mainly because the shop as ran out of stock!
  5. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    Lots of cycling
    abwdSTEM, BertieBassett2 and pepper5 like this.
  6. elvispenhaligon

    elvispenhaligon Occasional commenter

    Drilling boreholes into medieval mine workings and mapping their layout for a construction project. Parts of the resulting ground will be dug up prior to capping and this may facilitate the first entry for hundreds of years into a museum of history, geology, mineralogy and it's all currently very poorly understood. And making bacon sandwiches between various spouts of activity.
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  7. BertieBassett2

    BertieBassett2 Star commenter

    Being naturally lazy I am coping quite well at the moment. I’m reading a lot, going for one walk a day, doing jigsaw puzzles and playing online Scrabble.
    I miss not going shopping and the biggest problem is not being able to interact with my family and friends. Having several WhatsApp groups helps and being able to video call my daughters and see my new granddaughter that way.
    gingerhobo48 likes this.
  8. Patontheback

    Patontheback New commenter

    Like everyone else reading watching tv and shopping for food. My 2 appointments every week are clapping on a Thursday and taking part in the Guardian watch-along (Spooks) on a Tuesday at 7pm. What is good is I am onto week 3 of the Couch potato to 5k running programme and I would never have embarked on this if it hadn’t been for the big Co.
    gingerhobo48 likes this.
  9. Patontheback

    Patontheback New commenter

    Sharon, I’ve listened to some brilliant podcasts too! And BBC Sounds, World Service, can’t get enough of it......
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  10. sharon7482

    sharon7482 Occasional commenter

    Fake Heiress has been good. Death in Ice Valley. Now listening to Serial.
  11. Patontheback

    Patontheback New commenter

    I have enjoyed all three! After Serial comes S Town.......
    sharon7482 likes this.
  12. sharon7482

    sharon7482 Occasional commenter

    West cork and hysteria I would recommend as well. I would love to make podcasts and be an investigative journalist of that type.
  13. Patontheback

    Patontheback New commenter

    Thanks for the recommendation. Just do it! Friend of mine is a nurse. He’s busy making podcasts about crime history in his spare time.
  14. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    I have started to listen to Talk Radio Mike Graham, he is comes across as a person who is not a woke and is podcasts are quite funny, besides that I have been listening to my heavy metal and death metal music on youtube.
    gingerhobo48 likes this.
  15. abwdSTEM

    abwdSTEM Occasional commenter

    I'm actually quite busy. I am partially working from home but that doesn't take all day giving me some extra free time. I have plenty of jobs to do in the garden but I have also been filling time tinkering with an old motorbike I had lying around for years. I have been playing guitar more and even dug out my old electric (which no surprise is a Les Paul).
    HS65 likes this.
  16. steviepal

    steviepal Occasional commenter

    Painting ceilings, painting walls and painting paintings. Also painting.
  17. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Made two 'garden bars' for my two daughters in law. Installed one last weekend (didn't go in the house) got the other to deliver but they live a lot further away so it will have to wait a bit. Next project was a 'cat fort'. Made a start on that last weekend but ran out of materials (using old pallets). Luckily acquired a good one this morning which I broke down and used to add another storey, got enough wood to add another tomorrow, quick coat of wood stain then it is finished.
    Also part way through compiling trivia quiz No 9.
  18. The-Gaffer

    The-Gaffer Occasional commenter

    In school 1 day a week, up to 2 from next week. Lots of school paperwork that needed doing. Assessment policies, department handbook, displays. A TON of gardening & DIY - you know the jobs you look at & think it’s too big to just do in a day so it never gets done - those jobs. A few online courses & some CPD online as well. I learned a lot about myself in lockdown so far - I can’t sit still & watch tv - it actually bores me, when I do I’m constantly thinking ... I could be gardening/ironing/making something/doing something productive

    edit - learning or should I say working on/improving my French

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