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What are Year 6 teachers doing after SATS?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by EBD35, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Hummerston

    Hummerston New commenter

    Hi, Is anyone using the Numeracy Transition from Year 6 to Year 7 Mathematics units.? The units date from 2002 and as I am new to year 6 I don't know if they are still current or if they have been superceeded by something else. Thanks for your help on this.
  2. Love your ideas caffeine_queen, any chance you can upload your plans on the resources section? I've got 4 days supply with a yr6 class the week after Sats. I've been told that there's no planning but that I can do anything I like. What an offer! Any suggestions gratefully received.
  3. I'm a TES magazine writer and was about to post a thread asking this very question -- would any of you mind telling me a bit more about your plans/what your school does and so on for a feature we're hoping to run? It would be fantastic to share some of your ideas. Please contact me on susan.young@tes.co.uk
  4. Hi, i'm planning to have popcorn and films party on Friday afternoon then a round the world week before half term, lots of art, dance etc different country per half day ending with a Round the world food tasting party and fancy dress on Friday afternoon. Then after the half term it's sort of business as usual. We will be doing a Viking/Saxon project focus across all subjects eg making slippers in DT, Beowulf/Norse myths in literacy etc, plus kensukes kingdom transition unit and maths transition stuff-emphasis on "fun" maths and science investigations
  5. Dazza d - are u in a catholic school?
  6. Not at all - why do you ask?
  7. Try" Edgy productions" for end of year shows. Brilliant!

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