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What are Year 6 teachers doing after SATS?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by EBD35, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. EBD35

    EBD35 Occasional commenter

    Pizza party, mini topic for 2 weeks, beginning transition prep work, half term, major transition work to emotionally prepare them for leaving, school journey.
  2. Celebration at the end of the week followed by multicultural arts week with visitors and workshops before spring bank holiday.
    Normal topic after that and transition work / visits to the comp.
  3. Big party on the Friday afternoon, 1 week mini topic of the children's choice, half term and then 7 week unit on Kensuke's Kingdom which is the transition book that we use with our Feeder School... oh, and the Leavers' Service all mixed in!
  4. Pizza party....lots of fun. Macbeth and shakespeare great topic they love it. all the usual transition prep.
  5. We're going full steam into our rehearsals of Oliver! for the Summer, and lots of History, Art, DT, etc. Poor little sods deserve it, after all!
  6. Greek Evening-cooking,serving,invitations,advertising,sales etc,Chariot Races,Olympics.
  7. Ice cream and pizza party ( and to hell with our Healthy School status!)
    An Egyptian week - loads of Art and Drama
    Half term - and we're going on hols!!

    Tudors for 3 weeks
    Pirate week
    Y6 Production - which I'm in the process of writing
    Residential week
    Leavers assembly and party and disco

    6 weeks holiday!!!
    Doesn't seem too bad when it's written down. Plus I'm out of class for a term - loads of stuff to do but finally have time to do it!!!
    dazza d
  8. talulabell

    talulabell New commenter

    matt_moo did you buy an oliver production in or write it? i am also thinking of doing this,
  9. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    I always find it funny that teachers in some primary schools are going to spend a lot of time on the non-core subjects after the NCTs! In my school they get a broad and balanced curriculum regardless of the time of year, so the same timetable the week before the tests, during the tests in the afternoons and after breaks, and during the time after. Does this mean that they weren't getting a balanced curriculum before the tests in some other schools?!?

    Ok, so in the core subjects we might slow the pace slightly and do more project based work, and they go away for a 4 day residential, but other than that it's business as usual.
  10. lovely

    lovely Occasional commenter

    I know that our year 6 teachers will be doing a production. Our year 6 children are also going to be responsible for organsizing activities for maths week
  11. titus4t

    titus4t New commenter

    Residential trip; Take One Picture project; production...and I will cycle to school, run at least twice a week, practice the piano properly every day and see more of my family. Hurrah!
  12. I've just planned a five task 'Apprentice' special which I'm really excited about. It involves cooking a two course meal (my DT) for a small group and member of staff, making an animation (my ICT), planning a lesson for a group of younger children and the grand finale - running a stall at the school summer fete.

    I can't wait to be Sir Alan and to have, I hasten to add, a more watered down version of the boardroom!
  13. I recall I had planned four, major activities in addition to continuing the core curriculum: A NASA-based unit on space travel, which included making various types of rockets, including a bottle rocket (I had a launcher and all!) working with physics and using trigonometry, building real life go-carts - two - and trying to race them at the end of the year, a Year 6 production and, finally, a "Victorian immersion" type of experience, including a residential.

    Of that, the residential was the only thing that was done, and without me, because the school pushed me out before I could do any of those things with my pupils.

    They later told me, via email, that they had the most boring time of it, and it was chaotic, in those last days. The staff bully really made sure they had a rotten last term. I would hope she would be ashamed of herself for it, but I doubt that she has that sort of conscience.
  14. Hi talulabell!

    I've bought a production in from Musicscope, decided it was probably best. People on here advised me against doing it otherwise. It wasn't overly expensive and we should cover it from the ticket sales.

    Waiting for the scripts to arrive at the moment, so I'll let you know how they are if you like. :eek:) x
  15. I've hired the scripts from Musicscope who are, apparently, the people in charge of the rights for the show. Checked today but scripts still haven't arrived. Has anybody else done this production before? x
  16. ResourceCentre

    ResourceCentre New commenter

    caffeine_queen I just wondered if you would mind sharing your planning as it sounds like something my year 6 class would love.
    Craig - admin@primaryresourcecentre.co.uk
  17. talulabell

    talulabell New commenter

    matt_moo did you ring them or can you do it over the net - sorry if i am being thick
  18. No worries! I was sent an application form which I faxed to them outlining the proposed date, ticket prices, etc. They then sent back the forms with the cost and stuff, which I then sent back to them with a cheque and am now awaiting the arrival of the scripts. Musicscope are in charge of the rights to Oliver. I've still got the email with the application form and stuff, so if you like I can email it to you?
  19. trickyricky83

    trickyricky83 New commenter

    We're going to be having lots of mini-topics in the Mantle of the Expert style which the children hae chosen. Some of the examples they've chosen are:

    Natural disasters,
    The local area,

    plus all the usual transition stuff such as the transition pack from the local secondary. We don't really link using the Literacy or Maths units yet, so will just keep going on these!
  20. caffeine_queen that sounds like a fantastic idea. If you have any planning for it would you email it to me pls? s.lithgow100@durhamlea.org.uk

    In my class, we will be spending week after SATs on a mini-project for Walk to School week.
    After half term, 3 week project on the swinging sixties, transition stuff, Arts Week, leavers service etc.

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