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What are they looking for in GTP application 'Previous knowledge & experience'?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by rea4444, May 8, 2011.

  1. I work as a primary school teacher and my husband is applying to the GTP program. I'm helping him with his application and wonder if anyone out there can give us a bit of advice [​IMG]
    Part 2.4 list the NC subjects and asks for:
    'sufficient understanding across the range of subjects' & 'potential to teach these subjects'
    does anyone out there have a better understanding of what they're after here?? Do they want information about areas of his own learning? Or do they want references for teaching experience gained for each topic?
    Do you think something along the lines of the following sounds about right?

    English - Essay writing at Uni, writing for an environmental magazine,presentations, delivering workshops to ch'n, using drama to enrich learning in school based workshops.

    Thanks for those of you who read this and have a think! We could do with a bit of help!

  2. I would have thought they want to know what experience your husband has in an educational environment, eg: subject knowledge, classroom experience, mentoring experience etc. Also, ages of pupils he has worked with and whether this include SEN, EAL, GRT, G&T etc and whether he has an understanding of how these different groups might be taught.
    I believe it would help if he is very specific about which workshops he delivered and to whom they were delivered, eg: subjects and pupils.
    I would imagine they are trying to discover how experienced he is within a classroom environment and his basic knowledge of the curriculum.
    Hope I have read this right!
    Good luck.
  3. I did the GTP, and not everyone on my course had classroom experience. So, although I agree with classromlife that you could mention experiences of NC subjects in educational environments, I also think that you should include your husband's "real-life" experiences and how these will support him in teaching concepts and ideas.
    In my application, everything I had done in terms of previous employment and experience I made into a positive, "and this will help me in the classroom because..."
    If you husband has any subject strengths through previous experience or employment, I would describe those in great detail, and again describe how the knowledge, skills and understanding are transferable into the classroom.
    Good luck! I loved my GTP year: it's a great way into teaching. [​IMG]
  4. Thank you so much for posting a response! Both have been very helpful and I really appreciate your time. (I've not really used this forum before) We've put the application in and found out this morning that he has an interview - delighted!
    I'm just about to look for information on the maths and literacy tests he'll do and an idea of common interview questions.
    Big thank you to both of you!! Have a lovely weekend [​IMG]


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