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What are the resonsibilities of a HOD?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by ford5000, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. I work in a secondary school and for a number of years have been working in the ICT department with a non-specialist 'HOD' who doesn't teach the subject at any Key Stage and does not devise, write or implement any units/schemes of work.  This is very demoralising for all the teachers in the department who are trying to write and devise units of work and keep abreast of all the new technologies and software.  We are all so busy trying to think ahead, because no one else is, it is impacting on our classroom teaching. Surely a HOD is responsible for devising and creating units of work so that there is a agreed format across the department and that all pupils are getting a consistent planned curriculum? Am I completely off base? I really feel like tearing my hair out! Any comments would be most welcome
  2. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious New commenter

    A HoD could delegate SoWs to the team - one member designs unit 1, another unit 2...etc and then share the resources, but hopefully he's told you what needs doing to enable that in the first place...!

  3. T34

    T34 Lead commenter

    A HOD is responsible to theheadteacher for everything that happens in the department.
    How he allocates specific responsibilities, such as devising schemes of work, keeping abreast of developments, etc. is up to him.
  4. Yes, the dept members are devising the units but the HoD has no input at all in what needs doing in the first place ie doesn't know what should/could go in or what should/could be left out. As a result some units are really written from a forward thinking perspective and incorporating thinking skills, peer and self assessment, etc; other units are written in a more traditional 'open the textbook....' perspective.
  5. I thought a HoD should lead by example. Indeed, they should be demonstrating best practice and really encouraging and inspiring all the teachers in the dept. It simply feels as if they have delegated everything without even asking and doing absolutely nothing. Indeed at our recent open evening the HoD didn't even think it worthwhile to ask what we were doing, what activities we planned, etc. This isn't allocating responsibility, it's abdicating it!
  6. Sounds to me like he knows his weakness and is assigning you and your team the role of producing the SOWs. very smart move. if he is as unknowledgable as you say he is, would you want him dictating what you teach? Think of it this way, at least you get control of what you teach as I am assuming you have the professional subject knowledge to, instead of him getting you to teach something you don't like. There does need to be more cohesion I agree. Have you addressed this with him?
  7. ICT HoDs are responsible for a whole range of things; overall results (including those of the teachers they line manage), tracking progress of individuals/classes/groups, interventions, improving standards of teaching and learning, setting groups, making a case for their subject, elements of timetabling, motivating the department, exams entry and analysis, reporting to head and governor, liasing with other HoDs regarding literacy and numeracy and other cross curricular developments, lots of other meetings, ensuring marking is consistently accurate and to national standards, resources, choice of courses, suitablility of schemes of work, behavour management, performance management, observations and staff development. Not necessarily in that order. It is entirely possible that they are also responsible for whole school strategies for digital literacy,e-safety, managing of network support.
    It would be unusual for HoDs to write all schemes of work, more likely they would meet with the department and draw up a long term or medium term plan with some freedom for teachers to work within and customise for their individual classes and students.
    One of their responsibilities is 'to you' and to make sure that you are not 'demoralised'. I suggest you speak to them and discuss strategies for understanding their long term vision and direction. A good way in might be to start off with finding out how they view changes to the curriculum, KS4 & 5 courses is going to impact on the department and therefore which direction to take things, bring up the concept of working directly with them on developing some schemes of work and organise some mutually convinient time. Then get them to jointly mark some to ensure you are getting it right.
    It sounds like your school needs a HoD not just someone overseeing it as a secondary concern (this is probably a bit presumptious), perhaps you can move into that space?
  8. I'm the opposite - As HoD I write SOW's for L2 & L3 (Dip and SubDip) and AS Computing, which is a massive job, and oversee the SOW's for KS3 (Written by my NQT and a business NQT). My LM (coordinator) Writes SOW for Y11 GCSE ICT and A-level ICT. I share the SOW with the NQT for Y10 GCSE.
    Next year I am doing KS3 (all new), Y10 Computing (new) AS Comp (rejig) and A2 Comp, NQT is doing BTEC (Y10 and Y12 will be new with the 2012 BTECT) and LM is doing GCSE ICT and A-level ICT
    You're right about it impacting on T&L though, I spend so much time planning (and doing a million other things) that teaching is just something I do around everything else.

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