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What are the most popular subjects at GCSE level

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by geek84, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. geek84

    geek84 New commenter

    Hi Folks
    What subjects would you say are most popular/in demand at GCSE level?
    Is GCSE Citizenship or Business Studies in much demand?
    Thank You.
  2. geek84

    geek84 New commenter

    Hi Folks
    What subjects would you say are most popular/in demand at GCSE level?
    Is GCSE Citizenship or Business Studies in much demand?
    Thank You.
  3. Everyone at out school has to do a short course GCSE in Citizenship in Year 10 and some go on to do an AS in Year 11. Business studies is always popular. As the students haven't done Business Studies before they have no preconceived ideas that they may not be good at it so some may opt for this reason!?
  4. You can find out from the exam boards how many entries there are for each subject through their reports. These can be misleading though as often an entire cohort will take a half GCSE in citizenship but they will only get 30mins-1h teaching a week.
  5. Business Studies is always in huge demand!
    MFL seems to be in demand this year, a lot to do with the English Baccalaureate I believe!
    Subject that aren't in demand are usually music, drama and religious studies!
    Las year at my school we didn't even run a GCSE course for Music.
  6. that's sad - master post is hoping to do gcse music - if you study an instrument and are in the relevant school performance group, it's a no-brainer
    how far are ict and bus studies bumped up by specialist schools/academies?
  7. in my last two schools, there was massive demand for Drama, possibly to do with who teaches it, the rapport they have etc.
    Art is usually in pretty high demand too.
    Food tech or textiles (usually female heavy groups)
  8. In my daughters school there is a massive demand for RE, again due to the fantastic teachers. The local 6th form college had had to introduce A level RE in response to the large number of pupils from the school requesting it! Music is also very popular and real strength of the school.
  9. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    We as just about everyone does at least 2 gcses in science that must make it the most popular subject!! Or did you mean the most popular among those that can be elected?
  10. ramaduds

    ramaduds New commenter

    I am not sure where you got this information from? Religious Studies is the most popular humanity subject and has the highest increase in uptake in the last five years compared to all other GCSE courses. It is in the top 10 most popular GCSE choices. It is certainly more popular that Business Studies at GCSE and A-Level.
    A-Level Religious Studies is the sixth most popular and is also showing a consistant increase in uptake year on year.
    MFL and History at my school have a very low demand, but as you said they are on the increase because of the English Baccalaureate.
    Popular subjects in my school include Geography, Drama, Art, PE, Dance and RE - however I know that nationally the data will be different.
    Where did you get the information from about RE being unpopular?
  11. From this Year's Y9 students options at my schools, as the OP asked!
  12. ramaduds

    ramaduds New commenter

    I might have misinterpreted your use of 'usually' then, guessing now you meant usually at your own school. Where did the OP ask for the demand at your school? I assumed the intention was an idea of national demand.
  13. In my opinion I would say RE is not in demand, I can back this point up with statistics as this has always been noticed as one of the least popular subjects at my current school.
  14. ramaduds

    ramaduds New commenter

    '...would you say...' doesn't limit to current employment. Although, I admit I got the wrong end of the stick and believed you were refering to national statistics. Alarmed as I believed you were refering to some external information, surely you'd understand my enquiry into where you based your assumptions. Of course the popularity of subjects varies between schools, so one must forgive me for assuming the OP wanted more accurate and full information.

  15. I see! Not national statistics at all, I was once told it's quite popular!
    I really like RS and I think it's shame that not many people take it (at my school), maybe something to do with the 'one-man-band' department.
    Last year we only had one group of 12 students at my school, quite a shame really!
  16. ramaduds

    ramaduds New commenter

    Over 50% of the student population in year 9 opt to choose RE as a first choice in our school. Amazing since it's up against Business Studies, Triple Science, Food Technology, History and a range of BTECs. It is such a shame we are forced to refuse so many of them.
    The only battle we experience is the options evening when parents avoid us like the plague, and the amount of non-specialist staff are 'force' (and often grudgingly) to teach RE. The only ones I experience who rate RE low on the popularity scale are the adults (parents and teachers - and the adult public over a certain age). I know so many primary teachers that use it as their PPA time, or have even admitted to not teaching it. Just glad the kids look at it more objectively. Hence my interest in what I misunderstood as national data.

  17. At our place the most popular ones are Law, Sociology and Psychology. Normally have to run two classes for each. Only issue is that there are some students that think that they can deal with the academic requirements, but can't.
  18. My twins have just chosen their options so I'm interested in these posts. RE is a compulsory short course GCSE at their school, so they have no say in this one. This year the languages have been more popular, The BTecs as this is the first year the school are doing them and history/geography.
  19. What subjects did they opt for in the end?
  20. Well I must admit they were both a bit surprised at how many subjects they actually had to take before they could choose! Along with compulsory short course RE there is similar for IT, Then they are both doing English lang and lit and the triple science add on the maths and thats a pretty full timetable anyway! One has chosen French, History, Geography and IT and the other has chosen German, Geography and BTec Art and design, which I must admit many teachers tried to dissuade him from as they said it took 2 of his options! He much preferred the syllabus for the Btec than the GCSE in Art and I thought it important for him to have some choice. The languages have been really pushed this year with students being told they will not be offered a Uni place if they don't take a GCSE language, this has 'scared' some of them into choosing one when they might have preferred something else.

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