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What are the first books you will read your class?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by sauce, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Hi. I am looking for some lovely books to read to my new FS/Y1 class in the first week. What are the first books you are planning to read to your class?
  2. Chrysanthemum, Lost and Found, How to Catch a Star,We're Going on a Bear Hunt, Nine Ducks Nine, Hugless Douglas, Bringing Down the Moon, The Gruffalo, Elmer, Percy Park Keeper books.... :eek:) Have a good first week back

  3. Thank you! Some great suggestions.
    Anyone else?
  4. boatmanco

    boatmanco New commenter

    Harry and the bucket of dinosaurs start school -we have a big book and the children always love it -usually they want to read all the Harry and his dinosaur books so we normally read those!
    or any by Julia Donaldson
  5. I read the Harry/Dinosaurs one today! They loved it! Also Six Dinner Sid, Room on the Broom, Dogger, Where Are You Blue Kangaroo.....there are just too many to mention!!

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