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What are the essentials of your reception class?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Sjp269, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Hi, im starting a new job in a reception class for the summer term, and the head realy wants to bring the class more into the foundation stage, however, its all very new for me, as im from wales, and its all slightly different there!
    So, what im asking is, what are the main areas in your classroom? how do you manage them? Are your children in groups in certain areas or just free to mix and go where they want? There are 30 in the class, and although there is outside space, the inside isnt that big!
    Also as im here, any ideas for some nice starter/get to know you ideas for the first week back?
    Any ideas appriciated, im starting to get very overwhelmed by it all! Thanks in advance!
  2. k_e


    Go visit some reception classes in your area armed with a camera. Where are u? I have tables for CLL/MD/CD and use other worksurfaces for K&U/Malleable etc. My sand and water are outside. The children are allowed to go where they like but they must complete a challenge I set them (or 4 this time of year). Search this forum for 1st week activities cos there is loads! I'd suggest getting a puppet as the little ones love them. Hope this helps a bit!
  3. Thanks that does help, when you say about the tables, do you have one task set out on each, or are they just a mixture of resources the children can explore?

  4. Thank you so much, though im not realy managing the not panicing part! How do you go about your short term planning? Do you do a weekly plan and the daily plans as you go? do you timetables or rotas? Do the children move around in groups or just go where they want to? Sorry for all the questions, i just woke up this morning and feel i know nothing!
  5. k_e


    We have a long tem plan wich is made from breaking down the EYFS goals. From this I do weekly plans and I plan daily. I also do w weekly phonics plan. Our Med term plans are called PLoDs (Possible Lines of Development) and are thaken form the children's interests or what they vote on doing. So next half term I will be doing space until I see other interests or they loose interest. PLoDs are different because they may only last a week or could last the whole year depending on the children's interest and involvement.

    Will you be having a TA? Normally one person should do a focus and the other facilitates the classroom and makes sure the children are on on task. What is the school like? Are u the only reception class?
  6. Slightly off topic, but I would love to see your Medium term plans for PLoDs, if you have a copy to email? Would love to plan from the children's interest, but the idea seems a bit scary at the mo! Sorry to hijack the thread! rachie42@hotmail.com
    Back to original post, get the children involved with writing labels for the class e.g. book corner, small world. Even labels for door, toliets etc. Children love seeing their writing around the classroom and it makes it more personal for them.
    I group my children for the morning activities, social groups with the aim of splitting up some children and mixing others, and then in the afternoon they can do as they please!
    And don't worry too much, things are always easier when you are actually doing them, with the children there!
  7. If you are emailing any plans, or anyone has some planning i can take a look at, it would be very much appriciated, my email address is SJPugh2@hotmail.com

    Back to post, thank you for your advice, I am the only reception class in the school, but i do have an LSA, with 30 children altogether. However, im imagining that with the whole outside learning and choice thing, one of us will have to be outside and one in most of the time, so would we both work on tasks with groups or should one be floating, or i guess it would vary?

    Also, do you always have the outdoors area open for children? or at least the majority of the time?or do you have time when your all inside, or all outside?
    And im sorry, i must ask, whats small world???

  8. Small world play is imaginative play toys e.g. lots of small figures of people, animals,transport etc. I have had the following in my small world area-small pirate ship, jungle,car mats, farm, doll house etc
    I always put small world and construction next to each other so children can mix the two easily. They love building houses for the dolls and building shelters for the animals.
    If you are short on space this area could be on the carpet during CP time.
    I am going back into reception in September after a few years break and I am planning on having my outdoor area open all of the time except during my short whole class inputs. I am just going to plan my guided activities as a mixture of outside and inside so another adult is free to play/initiate other activities both in and outside.

  9. k_e


    My PLoDs are hand written so can only fax as I don't have a scanner at home. How are u planning to plan? Topics or from the children's interests? I would be more than happy for you 2 come visit my school and me. What area are you in?
    As we are 4 form entry we have 2 mornings a week that we a timetabled for outside which only my class and 1 othe timetabled class is allowed to use. This allows us to focus outside. Then there is 2 afternoons timetabled a week when all classes are allowed out. Children are allowed out under our shelters at all times (sand, water, painting is here). They know they can only leave under the shelter if the traffic light is green. In the winter I find that the children ask you 2 shut the door so as long as no1 is out I do but if someone chooses to go out they know to open the door.
    It's really up to you but I'd only have 1 focus a day in or out and the other facilitating.
  10. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    Hi we have our room divided into key areas as another poster does, we have writing area, maths area, malleable, investigative, sound, music, quiet reading, home corner, role play, creative, sand and water, small world and KUW. Similar is available outside although this is being developed.
    I have 2 adult activities running concurrently with the free choice areas and whole class activities. I am in a Nursery classroom so obsviously I dont have the guided reading and other areas that you in a reception class will have.
  11. Thanks for all of your input, its helping me get a better idea of where i am going to go, any further input is very much appriciated! Thanks everyone!

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