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What are the difficulties new teachers face?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by mase, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. mase

    mase New commenter

    Hi, I am a teacher but I am also a coach and I run workshops on stress management. I am planning to start a free weekly newsletter for teachers about managing stress and creating a better work life balance. But in order to do a good job and really help people I am trying to find out exactly what people feel the challenges are.

    I have put together a super short questionnaire, titled 'What are the difficulties teachers face?' - it would be amazing if you were willing to fill it out - the more information I have the more I can support people - please feel free to copy and paste the link and share with fellow teachers. In the questionnaire there is an opportunity to sign up to the newsletter once it comes out - so the more people I reach, the more I can try and help.

    Here's the link: http://goo.gl/forms/7gP2nmXvOC

    Thank you so much in advance - Clare
  2. varcolac

    varcolac Occasional commenter

    The school leadership position is not "Principle", it's "Principal."
  3. Findlotte

    Findlotte Established commenter

    How long have you been a teacher?

    This seems like a good idea.
  4. mase

    mase New commenter

    Ah, thank you!! Well spotted. I'll change it
  5. mase

    mase New commenter

    I did my PCGE in 2003/4 and have been teaching ever since. So I do have some insights into what its like. But it would be great to get other people's opinions.
  6. gregometer

    gregometer Occasional commenter

    That was the title of an essay I had to write when I was a PGCE student a few years ago. This sounds like you're a student wanting the lazy way to write your latest assognment. Why not just ask your colleagues at work?

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