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What are the consequences of an unsatisfactory placement?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by weary willy, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Many thanks, Miss Raw - we appreciate your advice.
    1. Do you or others know if there is scope to change to another university / college for a repeat placement - if it comes to that - as my son will now plan to return home to avoid paying more money on living expenses
    2. Apart from talking to the university, is there anything else he should be doing to support his case for the opportunity of a resit ... if it all comes to that
  2. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    They may be able to arrange a placement nearer to home? I know my uni offered that for a few students.
    How is his evidence folder? Is he is meeting these? He should have evidence relating to the Q (trainee teacher) standards
    I have a sheet with these on and space to record meeting these. PM me with your email if you want me to send you this. x
  3. Many thanks to both Miss Raw and Jools .... both very helpful.

    Apparently he has a suitably structured document summarising evidence for the relevant standards - we're going to review it - a good suggestion Ms Raw, thanks

  4. If a trainee is in danger of failing a placement there should be a procedure that the university amnd school follow where the problems are identified, support provided and targets given with success criteria.
    If there is no indication of a fail things should be OK, but get your son to check wioth the tutor the current situation.
    Even if there is a fail, normally the university allows a right to retrieval of a failed element - this would involve a resit of a placement.
  5. James

    Thank you for taking the trouble to explain things further. He was given an "Action Plan" before half term - but not told it was because he was in danger of failing... does the very existence of the Action Plan suggest that this is a real possibility? The "success criteria" seem somewhat subjective. And who determines whether the placement is failed ... the mentor in the school or the university tutor?! Apologies for more questions - but will be very grateful for any advice you can give.
  6. To determine if this action plan is a formal indication of a cause for concern (many providers have this type of name for a situation where trainees are in danger of failing) you would need to consult the PGCE handbook that should outline what should happen if a trainee is thought to be in danger of failing.
    Who/what determines a fail again resides in the handbook, but often it would be a decision that is jointly taken by the universitry and the school. Sometimes there is an independent assessment made by an external examiner or an independent assessor from another school/provider.

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