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What are the characteristics of the "perfect" Head of Science?

Discussion in 'Science' started by alessio, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. alessio

    alessio Administrator

    If you are a Head of Science, what has worked best to get the best out of your team? If you are an aspiring Head of Science, what characteristics should you aim to develop? If you are a Science teacher, what qualities do you value most in your Head of Science?
    Please share your thought!
  2. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Young, tall, slim, ginger and Welsh.

    (My HoS posts on here so I hope he finds this)
  3. mousey80

    mousey80 Occasional commenter

    Communication is really important. Someone who talks to their staff and is aware of how they tick. A team is a group of individuals who use their strengths and interests to work together, a leader must facilitate this.

    The head of faculty must be friendly and approachable, but not one of the lads/girls and certainly not have obvious favourites. Opportunities, responibsilities, top groups, praise etc need to be shared fairly.

    Strong knowledge about curriculum matters and current thinking regarding pedagogy. The head of faculty doesn't need to be the best in the faculty if they have good people skills and a strong knowledge.

    most of all though a head of faculty needs to have a vision and direction for the faculty. That vision needs to be the best for the students whilst also taking consideration the work life balance of the staff.
  4. "perfect" Head of Science?
    Is there such an animal?
  5. Cornholio

    Cornholio New commenter

    What mousey80 said. Spot on! [​IMG]

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