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What are teachers' and student views on OCR Nationals Level 3 in ICT?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by dochim, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. We have been offering OCR Applied ICT Single award to A level for a few years. At KS4 we offer OCR Nationals Level 2. We are very pleased with our results for the OCR Nationals level 2. However, the students we have at KS5 are struggling with the Applied ICT. They are particularly weak on the G041 theory paper. I have been wondering about switching to the OCR Nationals Level 3. I wondered if other schools are happy that they made the switch?
  2. We are in exactly the same boat with KS4 / 5. I find that our students coursework is great at both AS and A2 level, but even the brightest students struggle with the G041 exam. My current thoughts are to wait and see what happens to the OCR Nats at level 2, as I am not completely convinced they will be re-acredited in April. To improve our Unit 2 results for next year, our head is paying for an examiner from OCR to come in and do a Unit 2 training session for the team and two of us are becoming markers to try and get under the skin of the paper.
  3. Hard work for the first cohort but more accessible than the applied ICT for our students. We have found moderator visits useful and the fact that you can choose the dates for the visits is very useful. Some of the units can be quite tricky, we find unit 2 hard work with our less motivated students for instance.
  4. We are in our second year of teaching it and I am in my first year - currently teaching Y12 A level and OCR Nationals. Personally I prefer teaching the A level as I find the subject matter more interesting and you can have discussion and debate. For OCR Nationals its still like level 2 where you have to absolutely focus on getting through the coursework requirements and the teacher has more of a role as faciliator. My students also found it a huge culture shock in the first term as I don't think any of them realised the sheer volume of the coursework to be completed - very tight timescales required to get through it all. The are still continually struggling to meet deadlines and at the first moderation only one third of my students actually met the deadlines and had work moderated. Also, as previously referred to, the marking is a bit of a mammoth task. That said, for well motivated students it is relatively easy to get a distinction whereas at A level it seems very hard to get an A grade in the theory exam.
    Hope that helps.
  5. mrsdunkables

    mrsdunkables New commenter

    We are considering delivering the OCR National Level 3 ICT starting September 2012. I have been questioned whether we can do this as entries need to be submitted by 31 August 2012 (according to your website). We will not have final lists until September. Will we be able to submit entries in September?
    Is the course going to re-accredited if not and when will this be confirmed?


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