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What are heads looking for on applications??? (primary)

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by 10022576, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. I have sent off over 20 applications with no luck!
    Need some guidance asap!
    2 heads have looked at my letter and said its fine.
  2. I am in the same boat as you. I have now sent off over 30 with two interviews when I first started applying...and nothing since.
    I have also had two head teachers look over my letter and say that it is good, but this clearly isn't enough! I have been told that it is because I am a supply teacher by one head teacher at a school I applied to :(
  3. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    You both talk about 'my letter' singular. This could well be the cause of your problem if you just have the one generic, however painstakingly constructed, letter.

    Look at the person spec for a post and tailor your letter to it perfectly. Whatever they mention; show that you have it. Yes it takes time, but it is the only way to give yourself a chance of an interview in the current climate.

    Also include an executive summary, so doing the shortlisting panel's job for them. They will love you for it.

    Read the clickables on the welcome thread here for all other kinds of advice.
  4. Yes, I talk about it in the singular because I have only sent one to the head teachers - don't think they would appreciate reading each one of them.
    I agree with what you are saying and I do tailor it, but I'm clearly not doing it in the right way.
    I have tried including ES, but it is still not getting me anywhere!
    I read Theo's clickables everytime I write a statement....
  5. Agree with Minnie here. I sent out about 10-12 applications this year and was offered interviews at 6 of them. 2 I couldn't attend as I was at camp (I had put my unavailable dates and the reasons why but as it was the week we broke up for half term I don't think the schools had much flexibility, although one did ask to see me but had already got my job at the end of the week.... but I digress).
    All the ones I was interviewed for I personalised to the school, writing new applications. When I didn't get an interview, I think it was because I had merely tweaked an application I used elsewhere. When I raised specifics to each school (e.g. enhanced resource status, OFSTED develop areas/SIP areas, EAL, SEN, mixed year group classes, single year group classes, city school, rural school, etc...) I found I gained an interview. Also found the ES worked at most but one head was very pedantic and said I had sent 3 pages (the ES and letter) not the two page letter asked for.
  6. How much detail did you go into with specifics of a school?
    I do try and do this, but it's hard writing about how you can enhance such as such with little experience and without sounding over confident.

  7. Sorry to be dozy, what is ES?
  8. Executive Summary - it's all in the clickables at the top of the forum!
  9. How do you do an executive summary?

    I do try to tailor my letter and mention OFSTED etc...
  10. A summary of how you meet each of the criteria that the school requires.
    E.g. Good degree 2:1 degree in Primary Education QTS
  11. Definitely do an executive summary- I went from getting 1 interview in every 8/9 applications to 1 in every 2/3 when I used the summary. Lots of threads on how to do them.
    I don't think being a supply teacher would be putting them off- make sure you say good things about how you have gained a breadth of experience across year groups, flexibility, professional development from seeing how other schools and settings work etc. If you don't mention it in a positive way then they will get the impression you don't think it has been valuable. Good luck!
  12. Thank you

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