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What apps do you use on Chromebooks in your school?

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by ArNolee, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. robwilktes

    robwilktes New commenter

  2. robwilktes

    robwilktes New commenter

  3. robwilktes

    robwilktes New commenter


    One link for many. Share your Waklet links for a topic in Google Classroom or get pupils to curate their own set of weblinks.

  4. robwilktes

    robwilktes New commenter

  5. robwilktes

    robwilktes New commenter

  6. robwilktes

    robwilktes New commenter

  7. robwilktes

    robwilktes New commenter

  8. robwilktes

    robwilktes New commenter

  9. robwilktes

    robwilktes New commenter

    A favourite of mine is 'Quickfire' for pupils with 1:1 Chromebooks or iPads.

    Teacher opens THIS screen on their Whiteboard

    Pupils open THIS screen on their device and JOIN the class

    Teacher asks an oral question.
    Teacher 'Clicks GO'
    Pupils respond with answer, sentence or whatever
    Their responses populate on the whiteboard.
    Teacher can switch on pupil names if wanted or leave it anonymous
    Teacher can choose random student
    Teacher can click on an answer and display it large, then either click correct or send back for improvement.

    Instant feedback with pupils able to learn from each other's answers.
    It stops you making assumptions about what they already know.
    Great for building sentences through 'ping pong' answers and feedback.

    No login or signing up needed.
  10. robwilktes

    robwilktes New commenter

    If you're using G Suite in school, Google Forms with Chromebooks should be at the top of your list.
    Take time to get to know it.
    Create a simple forms database with the class and get them to fill it in.
    Instant graphs and charts ... and discussion.
  11. robwilktes

    robwilktes New commenter


    Make Thinking Visible
    If you have 1:1 Chromebooks, get your pupils on FlipGrid.
    You Create a 'GRID' which could be the name of your class.
    Then you add 'topics' to the Grid. Each topic is a question for them to respond to.
    The pupils open the topic with a link and create a video of themselves responding,
    Once uploaded, the other pupils can see each others videos and responses - and reply to them.

    It's a mind shift moving from thinking that everything has to be written down.
    So engaging and it really makes 'Thinking Visible'

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