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what a carp christmas

Discussion in 'Personal' started by kangaroo.poop, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. i went to a friends last night to give my god children presents with my OH. i went with my friends husband to get the takeaway and left OH helping to bath the kids. when we got back they had got the order wrong so i went upstairs to say i was popping back to get it changed, i twisted my ankle on the bottom step and broke my ankle and now have to get it pinned.
    i did the exact same thing at home summer 8 years ago.
    i'm just so miserable and worried about the operation (on my birthday), its so stiff and the pot is getting heavier i swear. was really looking forward to having my OH round for a few days, good food and presents and now i just feel sick and don't want to move.
  2. Phoenixchild

    Phoenixchild Occasional commenter

    Sorry to hear that, I broke my toes several Christmases ago and it was bloomin painful, I spent the day in a blur of painkillers and alchohol, i highly recommend it!
    Joking, about recommending it at least.....it's not ideal but Christmases never are, we just have ridiculous expectations of one particular day each year, I hope you manage to have a good time anyway and try not to worry too much, it changes nothing. Happy Christmas, I hope it's a good one for you after all.xxx
  3. Oh poor you...I hope nobody has bought you slippers. :¬((

    At least you can waited on hand and one foot. xx
  4. Shifter

    Shifter New commenter

    Oh well, carp happens.
  5. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    Quit with the fish based Christmas dissing.
    You mean ****!

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