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What 5 things would you like to be better at as a teacher?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by anon757, May 17, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I have to analyse some research for my final masters essay and am looking for a starting point.....if you had to, what would be the 5 most important things you would like to know/ be better at? Eg - How to move from good to outstanding...etc.
  2. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    1 knowing how to identify what I am good at
    2 understanding just what exactly Ofsted mean by good
    3 judging what everyone else means by good
    4understanding just what the Gove is on about
    5 understanding why budgets are reducing when the government claim more investment in education

  3. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    1. Dealing with colleagues who do not instantly acknowledge my brilliance.
    2. Dealing with students who are not as awestruck as they should be in my presence.
    3. Dealing with marking which doesn't seem to mark itself when I open it.
    4. Dealing with lessons that still will not plan themselves.
    5. Dealing with SMT who do not instantly agree to everyone of my profound requests.
  4. Joannanna

    Joannanna New commenter

    1. Building up a sense of camaraderie in a form group

    2. Leading assembly

    3. Giving personal constructive feedback in a way which doesn't end up with me writing twice as much as they wrote in the first place!

    4. Behaviour management - always

    5. Creating interesting interactive lessons which don't rely on 6 hours worth of photocopying/cutting and sticking, or the IWB working

    I'm just about to finish my final Masters project based around using discussion to encourage more independent learning. It's been... interesting, although time-consuming. Good luck with yours :)
  5. As a trainee teacher i am finding that i am able to deal with everything individually but
    1. how are you meant to be outstanding all the time?
    2.what support are you given within school to gain this?
    3. when does there reach a time when there is enough hours in the day to complete everything to a high standard
  6. 1. Knowing what people want
    2. Pleasing everyone
    3. Time management ie a work/life balance!
    4. Paper work
    5. Finding time to hear ALL the children in my class read individually everyweek as this is the first thing to get dropped
  7. Thanks for some brilliant posts [​IMG]
    Work/life balance sounds like a good starting point although lots of other aspects are interesting......
    I'm after another favour - would you guys be up for answering some questions/giving me some quotes on the above once I have drafted the essay? I can't promise you will become best-sellers but your words will be in print!!

  8. Oh and my top 5....
    1 I'd like to be better at dealing with awkward/difficult/stroppy colleagues
    2 I seem to manage to achieve good, but the elusive outstanding never materialises
    3 Assemblies
    4 INSET. I get so nervous I sound like Larry the Lamb (remember him!)
    5 Managing my stress, but I am really making progress with this.....I've found the secret is to do much less - sounds trite but it really works
    Thanks again x
  9. Joannanna

    Joannanna New commenter

    Sure, I know how hard it is to get decent research!
  10. Hiya, im just about to qualify and so far my 5 would be:
    1.How to keep year 9's engaged if they havent chosen your subject as an option
    2. How to gain the respect of the students so when you speak they want to listen (might be a bit too ambitious here!)
    3. How to make Peer Assessment more meaningful for the students (I sent a questionaire round and the students said they didnt think their peers knew what they were talking about and preferred teacher assessment and suggestions)
    4. How to handle the transition between two practical lessons and smoothly set all the equipment out/clear up.
    5. How to handle difficult situations with students (like when one student accidently thinks another students work is theirs and they painted it blue the week the student who actually owns it, was off and now they are both saying its theirs)
    Good luck with the assignment!

  11. I have been teaching for a VERY long time and I still think my biggest challenge is organising the 'behind the scenes' stuff like - keeping up with the assessments, phoning/contacting home and things like that - if every teacher had a PA life would be sweet because what we took this job on for and what we love the most is TEACHING
  12. 1. Record keeping
    2.Hiding the fact that I'm not good at record keeping
    3. Making sure tasks given to pupils require them to demonstrate their understanding not just their knowledge.
    4. Finding time to plan really good questions....way more important than any other planning we do.
    5. Having pupils finish their work at about the same time (yes I differentiate, yes I have extension material for early finishers....but if they could magically finish at the same time.....per chance to dream!)
  13. 1 Keeping the paperwork in order. 2 Making me look like I am teaching effectively whilst keeping the paperwork in order. 3 Teaching in a 'child-initiated' (Early Years) environment whilst pre-planning and then using the paperwork to inspire my lessons. 4 Paperwork this year. 5 Throwing the paperwork in the bin at the end of the year and feeling guilty at the waste.
  14. 1. Behaviour
    2. Behaviour
    3. Behaviour
    4. Behaviour
    5. Behaviour

  15. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious New commenter

    1. Being organised.
    2. Keeping the kids organised.
    3. Time management.
    4. Understanding what goes on in the minds of SMT
    5. Making databases and spreadsheets more interesting than they are.

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