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Were you unhappy with the AQA GCSE listening & readings exams?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by maa09, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. maa09

    maa09 New commenter

    I found out at a meeting today that early next week the examiners from AQA will be setting the grade boudaries for GCSE listening & reading for the various languages they examine. We were also told today that they had only received one complaint about the level of difficulty of these exams. If you have any concerns there is still time to raise them with AQA. You can do this via their website - sorry I can't be more specific. I'm hoping a colleague from another school who was also at the meeting might be able to give more details. However I reckon that a message with the subject "FAO GCSE Modern Foreign French (etc) examiners" should get through.
  2. My HoD had a meeting with some AQA representatives and was told that schools should send letters to express their concern or complaint to :
    <font face="Times New Roman">Mrs Judith Rowland-Jones</font><font face="Times New Roman">French Chief Examiner</font><font face="Times New Roman">AQA Offices</font>31-33 Springfield AvenueHarrogateNorth Yorkshire HG1 2HW If you write a letter you have to be very specific about what you think was not suitable. I do think it is worth doing it so that AQA realizes that their examinations are sometimes a bit tricky to say the least...

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