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We're Moving to Cairo!!

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by holmes5668, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. Contracts signed and sealed today. Looking forward to it. First international post.
    We even get to spend six weeks in Blighty before arriving in Egypt. That's more weeks than I've spent in the UK in the last thirteen years. [​IMG]
  2. Contracts signed and sealed today. Looking forward to it. First international post.
    We even get to spend six weeks in Blighty before arriving in Egypt. That's more weeks than I've spent in the UK in the last thirteen years. [​IMG]
  3. bigfatgit

    bigfatgit Occasional commenter

    Welcome in Egypt! [​IMG]
  4. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    There are some great schools in Egypt. Egyptian children are delightful, funny and charming (most of the time!) Mrs Hippo and I got to know Heliopolis quite well. I still dream about the felafels they sold on the street, just round the corner from the jellymould. Yes, a hot felafel and a cold can of Sakara!
  5. 6th October on you were posting about?
    Good for you.
    Where in Blighty?

  6. No, another set of Hockey Players in El Sherouk. A far superior deal.
    Home is 40 miles south of London.
  7. Good heavens - never heard of the place before. Only 1km from Tahrir Square so you'll get the news first hand, I suppose. Or are we talking about a different El Sherouk?
    Closer to Zam than Maadi, too, but easy to get to Maadi as well. Very nice.

  8. Ah, well, seems you have landed a post in El Sherouk 'City', at least 30kms from Tahrir.
    Golly that would been fun!
    Quiet lifestyle out there Holmes, old boy..are you senior or is it 'elementary'? [​IMG]

  9. Will be living in Maadi. Bus takes 45 mins to an hour (I have heard from multiple sources).
    At 41 I hope I am not considered a senior, but yes, elementary it is.
    If I had a dollar for every time a student mentioned Sherlock Holmes, I wouldn't have to work anymore.
  10. You're coming at a very 'interesting time', Holmes, hababti. I know that Egypt could do with your super sleuthing skills at this time. MarHaba ya Holmes, ya Galbi!

  11. I have some first hand experience of the increase in gun sales. We were disturbed by the sound of gun fire a few houses away from us last Friday. We found out that it was the local gun selling man who was demonstrating how great his guns were to a neighbour of ours!! We will be sticking to our trusty golf club and hammer which was our "protection" during the revolution!
  12. Of course safety is a concern. We had a toss up between our current situation, which is far less than financially fruitful and frankly, extremely dull (partly due to the lack of financial fruitfulness) or move to a place where we can live well, save loads, but that may perhaps, some time in the future, have some political turmoil (and when I political turmoil, I mean another escalation in demonstration/rioting/etc). I'll take the second option.
    As two teachers with only substitute work experience between us, it wasn't like schools were begging us to come work for them.
    I've monitored the situation for the last six weeks, watched the news, listened to people living there. Sure, it's a time of uncertainty, and of course, I acknowledge the risk, but my impression (and correct me if I'm wrong) is that this is not an anti-foreigner movement. The only foreigners who have been injured/assaulted/arrested have been journalists in hotspots and people breaking curfew. Oh, plus one unfortunate incident of mass bribery at the airport, which was quickly stamped out (I believe).
    School has an evacuation plan that looks good and is funded by the school. That will do for us.
  13. ....and does your current situation include a reliable police force who will come immediately when you call?
    I shan't comment on that one....let's hope the current situation will change by August, Holmes5656.
  14. Really?..thought you took a break from all that.. [​IMG]

  15. Plenty of Americans pretending to be Canadians for their own safety. I thought I'd join them. It'll work out fine as long as I don't speak. Still have the South London lilt. It'll be like that scene from the Great Escape when their getting on the train.
    When they're lining people up for the firing squad Canadians will be right at the back sandwiched between the Finns and the Icelanders. The Brits'll be up front with the Americans and the Israelis. I'm just trying to better my odds.
    I digress.............................
  16. London, Milan, New York...Cairo...

    Holmes5656 and FP: revolutions are conceived by dreamers, carried out by the brave and manipulated by opportunists...which one are you?
  17. I'm not intending to start my own revolution. There seems to be one in full swing already.
    And it's 5668, Mr Drizzler. Your making me look twelve years older than I actually am.
  18. I thought so! Holmes5656?

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