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we're going on a bear hunt ideas

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by jodieadams91, May 30, 2011.

  1. Hi, summer term 2 we are starting with bear hunt, im stuck with being able to produce some exciting planning for all 6 areas of the foundation stage for this book!
    Any help with planning and ideas would be very much appreciated!
  2. That sounds good, how would they do the walking across the different environments?
    Yeah i would like to link to bears as this would fit nicely with knowledge and understanding of the world
  3. sadika

    sadika New commenter

    We do a "Bear Hunt" - look for clues (on bear paw prints) round the school - they are numbered and are on different bears (eg Polar, grizzly), on return to the classroom the children order them (at this time of year we would have number names - one etc rather than 1). Find out about different bears. There's another book - exact title escapes me Bear in a cave which is similar.There are LOADS of bear stories. I have lots of soft toy bears - to sort, order, give birthday cards to, give them cvc names - etc etc!!!
  4. With quite a lot of mess! Worth it though!
  5. We re-acted the story outdoors , we sang the song then added actions on a large scale. The children loved it. The EYP modeled it, then the children carried on themself.
    We also changed it to were going on a lion hunt, ect
    Busy feet is good for this topic lots of dance and drama :)

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