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We're all I'll ...

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by Mrs Mo, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Don't know why I'm posting this really ... just a rant I suppose ... but it struck me the other day that my whole family are I'll.

    Me: - suffering from hyperparathyroidism and awaiting endocrinology referral. Am main carer for my elderly mum.

    Hubby:- in hospital next week for colonoscopy. Has not been feeling well for a while and has abdo pains and weird bowels. Had occult blood test which was negative but family history of cancer.

    Mum :- currently lives with us, suffering from dementia.

    Daughter:- has had a whole raft of problems recently e.g. Dislocated knee, bad period pains, sinusitis. Today she has a cold / chest infection that is aggravating her asthma.

    What a healthy bunch we are!
  2. Sorry, that should read " We're all ill". My iPad is auto- correcting again.

    Also, my paragraphs have disappeared...apologies.
  3. copycat

    copycat Occasional commenter

    I feel for you!
    I've been there , and things always seem worse during the holidays when you see others off out and about, full of health!
    Try not to worry about your husband (easier said than done I know). My OH had a colonoscopy a few years ago for the same symptoms and I was convinced he had cancer. Turned out to be IBS.
    It's positive that as a family you obviously all look after each other and care for each other.
  4. Sorry you are all suffering Mrs Mo...I expect added to your illness you have the added bonus of almost constant anxiety about the others too.
    Try if you can to cross your daughter's ailments of your list of deep worries...she'll bounce back. That sounds simplistic because I know as a Mum I never stop worrying about my brood.
    You have a lot on your plate..but if you can, try to cross bridges when you come to them.
    I know that's how I coped when I didn't know which way to turn because of concerns....I tried blocking all the 'what ifs" out of my mind and dealing with bad news if and when it happened. Try not to anticipate it.
    I hope that you can look back in a few months time and breathe a bit easier because test results for you and your husband were good...or at least lead to effective treatment. You'll still have worries about your family (they never go away, do they?) but stay strong and ensure you look after yourself properly. That's important.


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