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Welsh Language Provision

Discussion in 'Cymru - education news' started by tyderif, Jun 16, 2014.

  1. Hello All

    I am considering moving my two children from a welsh medium primary school to english medium. The current school was bi lingual until the county decided to make the school welsh medium. My children are 7 and 5, if they remain in the current school when my children go to secondary, they will only have english and science in english until KS4.

    My concern is that I will not be able to help my kids as they progress through school (my wife and I, are non welsh speakers) and that by taking GCSEs through the medium of welsh will hinder my kids progress in english if they decided to go to higher education.

    Any thoughts, and advice would be very welcome.

  2. RFU85

    RFU85 New commenter

    I myself was supposed to go to a welsh speaking school but my parents were put off when they went to an open evening and the head spoke for 30 mins in Welsh and then only 15 in English. They too were worried as they couldn't speak the language to help me with homework. Some people seem to think that Welsh medium schools are better schools than English speaking. This is not always the case.
  3. The timing doesn't matter. Doesn't mean the head said more content in Welsh!
  4. I had a full welsh medium education all the way thru to end of A levels, my parents were non welsh speakers. On the rare occasion I needed help I would explain in English, get help and then carry on in welsh myself. Didn't hinder me so all. Children translate from w to e to w again easily. It does depend on how good their English is though. It didn't hinder my higher ed at all, it gave me extra skills and you develop a better understanding and ability to pick up other languages too.
  5. I think that your problem of not being able to help your kids in old Welsh is not insurmountable. However, there are far better reasons not to prefer their use of old Welsh over the current Welsh language (known the world over as English).

    www.opendemocracy.net/.../home-truths-decline-of-welsh-language presents some of the arguments with an evidence based approach.

    If you wish to educate your children to give them the best advantages in life then English language as a primary is the way forward. If you're more interested in preserving an ideal of past Welsh culture than in providing the best educational opportunities, or if the language of your home is the old Welsh language then the WM school would seem better.
  6. KateRitchie

    KateRitchie New commenter

    At the end of the day you should do what makes you happy and what you think is best for your children. What you shouldn't do is listen to narrow minded idiots like barlawrence above.

    To call new Welsh English implies that old Welsh evolved over time to become English. We all know that is not what happened. The Welsh people were brainwashed and punished into speaking English. I hoped people were better than that now and that there was no longer any scaremongering regarding the Welsh language. Obviously, I can see from the comment above there are still some bigots wielding the 'Welsh Not'.

    I come from English speaking parents yet they chose to send me and my 2 younger siblings to a Welsh medium school. I am now a Teacher. I have a psychology degree, a PGCE and Masters in Education. My parents were lucky with me, I didn't need much help to make progression, however it was different story with my brother and sister. My sister was never very academic and struggled in school however my parents were still able to support her and help her make progression. She is now a Medic in the British Army. My brother has never needed as much help as my sister but there have been times where he's needed a good sitting down to go over aspects of his work. My parents had no problems doing that and my brother had no problems translating that information from English to Welsh. He is now studying with the ultimate goal of being a Physicist.

    This shows you can preserve the Welsh language and provide the best educational opportunities.

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