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Well that's another one who bites the dust.

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by geffone, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. A real supply scenario about two years ago.
    The one and only time I have been relieved of my command.
    Tasked for a science double after lunch (two periods two hours)
    School closing at the end of the term. School a tip.
    Used my lunch break to find my way into the scheduled classroom get it opened and tidied up.
    No work set but tidied up anyway
    No children arrive
    Check this out and of course I am sent to another locked classroom.
    Open classroom and find another tip. No work set, given silly illegible note written with a board marker 'Design a poster and Design a newspaper article.
    Survived lesson P4 but knew I could not handle lesson P5 asked for support ( I rarely ask for support) students taken out then let back in unescorted, they simply wandered back in.
    Not happy about this.
    Only had 15 minutes to go and to be honest I shouted. Got myself into trouble and relieved of my command. Thing is I had lost my cool, I ranted,
    I was sent to the staffroom and knew I was in it, for shouting of course.
    I was so miffed I wrote my view of the scenario. Knowing this was supply suicide.
    Smt waltzes in I am sitting down in staffroom. He approaches and I have my piece of paper expalining the scenario.
    I invite him to sit down. He ignores me and stays standing up. Essentially to talk down to me.
    He then says 'you were asked to go to the staffroom as you have allowed 'racist comments', in the classroom. (or something on these lines)
    I did not have a clue what he was on about to be honest. The plot had been lost long before. I just said the truth, I never heard anything. I could not hear anything as the plot had been lost long ago (it was to noisy)
    OK I said, then asked, Are you going to to phone my agency? he says yes, I say ok, here is my report, I will add your feedback about the racist comments and how it was.
    However I took control here and he got flustered. I said I do not think you want me back, and I am ok not to come back. Essentially I am saying if you do not moan I will not moan either.
    Phone agency and say I was sent to the staffroom and told them my bit first. I told them to expect negative feedback.
    Agency never got any feedback from the school. I had taken a risk writing my side of things in a non judgemental way.
    I was lucky the agency is good.
    The school gits
  2. I once had a top set year 11 group doing a practical (producing anhydrous copper sulphate was part). One of the pupils (predicted and attaining A*) decided it looked like amphatamine or cocaine, rolled up a fiver and with a mate proceeded to snort it!!!!!!The red eyes and total discomfort and hospital visit were an absolute delight. So was I supposed to risk assess this eventuality then? Come off it there will always be some little oik who will do the totally unexpected.
  3. The "blow job" incident was one where I was tempted to walk out. However, a good supply will never walk out....I used to tell myself....I'd hack it where no-one else would.

    I remember another one at John Kitto Community College in Plymurf (probably is a creative, dynamic academy "meeting the needs of learners" now) In fact, I remember several there. I had a Year 10 class go berserk and smash a whole classroom up, including all the Y11 coursework. I remember going next door and saying to the nice lady with some 6th formers "Would you mind giving a member of SMT a ring and getting them to come across rather urgently, the students are destroying the classroom!" Oddly enough, no-one came (also noted the DH there had no front teeth....possibly something to do with a similar incident). So I stood at the door of the class preventing anyone leaving until the lesson was over.

    .....and whilst we are on that one, I spent a stint in there "being" a science teacher and when I decided to actually try and teach them, I gathered half of the equipment had been stolen/broken. It was totally impossible and the icing on the cake was when the class comedian jumped out of the first floor window and rolled down the steep bank, military style. That was the only time I have felt genuinely threatened as I had a rather big lad (I am a huge hairy gorilla) decide to see who was the 'ardest. It was a case of "****, I'm about to end up in hospital and if I defend myself, GTC will probably strike me off the register". Nothing like having your hands tied by the fear of losing a future job! lol

    At least I got a bit of a reputation for "doing whatever is required, wherever" which probably got me more work than some

    I got the impression that most staff in most schools saw themselves as the masters of their empires and supply staff were incapable, unemployable misfits who came in and set their classes back months with their ineffective incompetence. A lot of work was set on paper so they didn't have to mark it, or the dreaded poster building

    A lot of it was a waste of my time, a waste of the student's time, a waste of the schools money and quite frankly, a display of typical arrogant self-importance. No wonder a lot of them use CS. If you are going to have some barely effective crowd control *** in there who just does posters, you may as well make it a cheap one.

    I am of the mind that permanent staff need to be rotated through various schools to share "good practice" and stop the sort of stagnation which occurs when people get their feet under the desk, get comfortable, lazy and ineffective.

    The whole thing needs a huge stir, IMO
  4. Those were the days. This does not seem to happen these days which is so very sad for the nation let alone an authority.

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