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Well being & weightloss during term time...Drastic measures needed!!!

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by mrsmacbeth, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. naggin the nag

    naggin the nag New commenter

    Please see my post on SW thread
  2. mrsmacbeth

    mrsmacbeth New commenter

    Had no internet for last couple of weeks!!! ARGH!!! Still, here I am!
    Have gone back to work and not started eating rubbish all the time (although saying that I have come home and stuffed crisps in my face, but I will just have less dinner)
    Work life balance is in order (ish) and the exercise hasnt started BUT I m not eating how I was previously.

    Hurrah! Hope everone else has had a good start to term.
  3. dogcat

    dogcat New commenter

    Hiya, I am also trying to maintain wellbeing this year. I would like to lose half a stone or so, am already quite slim but for me it is linked to my mental health more than anything.
    I aim for the gym 4-5 times a week, but 2 of these are weekends. I go on a sat&sun morning to get it out of the way and then try at least twice in the week. I have become more organised at work, hide away during my non-contacts (secondary teacher) and some of lunch and aim to be out of work 5.30pm latest, this means I can get to the gym and home before 7pm and also means I am not starving!
    As for food I have started having porridge every morning, protein shake at break time and salad and pitta for lunch. I aim for 80-20, so being 'good' foodwise 80% of the time, basically I try to eat really well in the week and half of saturday and then eat whatever I fancy sat evening and sunday. Having said all of this I have just had fish, chips mushy peas and from chippy and two lsices of white bread and butter [​IMG]
    Good luck to all, I find eating sensibly the hardest thing in the world, always have! If I can do it anyone can, my main advice (to myself as well!) is not to eat the tasty tempting stuff after a bad day as it becomes a pattern. Also dried fruit is an a blessing, sweet but not too bad for you as long as you don't gorge on it and easy to have a big bag at work to nibble at end of the day.
  4. mrsmacbeth

    mrsmacbeth New commenter

    That sounds delicious! Havent had fish and chips for ages.

    I am doing the eating really well 80% of the time and eating what I want (sort of) for 20% and it seems to be working. I stopped eating the crisps when I actually stopped and thought about it - this is progress!! would have just carried on eating it before.
    Good luck to you too!
  5. mrsmacbeth

    mrsmacbeth New commenter

    The 80 / 20 thing is really good I think - it makes me feel more in control rather than the 'I need to eat less / cant eat what I want etc.' thoughts. I can be 'naughty' BUT its solveable the next day. (I know it sounds really stupid but its my mindset!!)
    We had an indian takeaway last night and it was REALLY oily. Has right put me off. Which isnt a bad thing I suppose. Lasagne (homemade) tonight. Yum.


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