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Well being & weightloss during term time...Drastic measures needed!!!

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by mrsmacbeth, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. I'm just eating vegetables in the gravy at the moment (plus taking cod liver oil capsules and vitamin C capsules). Just drinking water. (Have to be careful about the amount of gravy as it contains quite a lot of salt - would leave out the gravy but then the vegetables get a bit boring except for sweetcorn). Hoping I'm going to lose some weight this way. I'm around 15 stone and need to get down to 14 stone to go from being obese to just overweight - thats the goal by the end of the vacation.
  2. I don't see how this can be true. If you see photographs of the Nazi's concentration camp victims from WWII they were walking skeltons due to lack of food, so they clearly lost weight (not intended to be offensive by this comparison). If you don't eat much and you are still active then the body must be burning of the fat thats already part of you and you must end up losing weight. Maybe some people think they aren't eating much but in reality they must be snacking without realising it.
  3. dozymare1957

    dozymare1957 Occasional commenter

    I did say that I don't know why it happens. All I'm saying is what happened to me! When I did Atkins some years ago I lost weight on the days I stuck rigidly to the programme but either didn't lose any or actually gained when I didn't eat or ventured off the induction. The same has happened this time on the days I've been at the Olympics where it was just too hard to try to stick with Atkins.
  4. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Why not come on over to the 'Slimming for Summer' thread (a few threads down on the list) and join in with us there? I suspect the thread will continue beyond the summer as we're enjoying it so much.
    A lot of us are using an app on our phones called 'My Fitness Pal' and finding it really helpful for keeping track of what we're eating. Even if you decide to go with Atkins or another method you'll be very welcome to join in with us.
  5. dozymare1957

    dozymare1957 Occasional commenter

    Thanks Eva. Will do. Will also check out the app if I ever get out of bed!
  6. njs1999

    njs1999 New commenter

    You're comparing severe malnourishment in extremely harsh conditions with a reduced calorie intake through choice?!

  7. I have read all the posts and its interesting reading especially with the Atkins. Thing is with 'dieting' different things work for different people so its always hard to have a go at someone who is obviously benefiting from a certain way of eating.

    The Atkins is based around the idea of the caveman eating habits, as grains etc create such havoc in our bodies. When it comes to 'dieting' just making smart choices can be all thats needed.
    There is some great avice in this thread and I was just going to add my whats worked for me
    This site has absolutely nothing to do with me I just chose the shortest URL .
    This eating program isnt really a diet and is very similar to the atkins but things like fruit are perfectly fine. Its taking us away from processed **** an grains which all cause such issues with weight.
    I have found it a but tough to start with just because I have ha such ba habits eating (white bread etc) but now I have found much tastier alternatives its gettign easier. Theres even cheescake recipes which are perfectly healthy!
    sorry for the long reply but I thought this could be worth adding

  8. dozymare1957

    dozymare1957 Occasional commenter

    Thanks for the info about how Atkins works thats very interesting
  9. OP it is possible and without "drastic" measures. I gained a LOT of weight while unwell and on ADs and that only depressed me more. I lost some, gained some, lost some etc after and then this year decided enough was enough.
    I know it sounds obvious and sometimes gets peoples backs up but it really is a case of:
    eat less, move more!
    I hired a Personal Trainer who I meet twice a week - its a huge financial commitment (and I understand not for everyone!) but I see it as an investment in me. He does all my measurements, diet plans, sample menus as well as the training and they are great. Always at end of phone/email if I need anything.
    They recommended 1-2lbs weight loss a week to do it healthily and lose fat not muscle. I work out 4-5 times a week (2 with trainer and 2-3 on my own!). He also did a whole gym workout to compliment what we do together to help me and emailed me the whole thing.
    Basically they recommend smaller regular meals to keep the metabolism fired up so I eat 3 meals and 3 snacks a day- just smaller, healthier portions. I have seriously decreased the chocolate, cakes and biscuits but not cut out completely as I know I would feel punished.
    The best advice I could recommend is keep a food diary. Log everything you eat and the time you eat it. Its amazing what we "forget" we ate. 2 biscuits in the staffroom at break can easliy be 150calories! #Do that every day and thats 750 calories!!!
    It takes about 30min running to burn off a bar of chocolate. Remember that next time you reach for the Snickers
    Weight loss and maintenance is about 3 things in my opinion:
    <ol>[*]knowlege[*]motivation[*]preparation</ol>Plan your exercise into your timetable/diary and stick to it. Would you cancel it if it was an appointment with someone else? You should be numero uno in your life...treat yourself that way!
    Def plan your meals and you can always cook up stuff at weekend and just defrost and reheat during week- frees up time to exercise/catch up with mates/see your boyf/chill out.
    Don't overdo it- muscles need to rest too!
    The above website has loads of good, tasty, healthy meals that are theright calorie content to lose weight and get healthy.
    Good luck!!!
    I have lost nearly 20lbs and have lots more to go but I feel healthier, am happier and more motivated than ever. If I can do it you can too!!! Be kind to yourself and focus on the end goal!

  10. njs1999

    njs1999 New commenter

    Couldn't agree with this more - nice to see you are doing it the correct and healthy way!
    None of these fad diets will work in the long run, they will show drastic, unhealthy, short term differences in your weight. Someone mentioned losing 9 pounds in a week and they ended up in hospital they very next week! Surely this should send alarm bells ringing with anyone wanting to cut corners with these diets - they are simply no good for you!
    People are after losing weight quickly and not thinking about the long term dangers of this. Strange how the only people promoting these diets are...the people that made them up in the first place!
    Rather than wanting to lose it drastically, change your attitudes and your approach to eating and exercise. Book an appointment with a dietician/nutritionist/personal trainer, I pretty much guarantee they won't point you towards these low carbohydrate, high protein, lose your body weight in a month diets. There's a reason for this - they are dangerous! Yeah, great, you see drastic short term effects, but what do you think will happen again once you start eating properly? The weight will pile straight back on.
    If you are really determined to lose the weight then seek advice on how to do it healthily, safely and over a period of time. There are simply no quick fixes. Stop putting excuses and barriers in the way. There are so many people on these forums that do this and wonder why they're not getting anywhere. It is hard, nobody said it would be easy. Set short term weight loss goals and over time, they will amount to a nice, healthy weight loss.
    As the poster above has done, keep a cheat day, a reward day to give yourself that little treat. But come on people, eat healthily and excercise the right way.
  11. mrsmacbeth

    mrsmacbeth New commenter

    Well done Sparky for losing that much weight!! and thank you both for the productive comments - finances arent good at the moment otherwise I would love a personal trainer (and its not an issue of 'I could find the money if I needed too', I really cant afford it)
    <font size="2">Maybe I am reading the last 2 comments the wrong way / maybe its because I feel very emotional today or the lack of sleep last night but the point of the thread seems to have got a little bit lost.</font>
    <font size="2">Drastic measures are needed to balance my well being and to keep losing weight during term time. Thats what I was asking about - at no point have I said drastic weight loss was needed. </font> My original question was<font size="3">... how on earth do people manage their work life balance and weight during term time? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I cant carry on this way - its going to cause health problems (if it isnt already) </font>As far as I am aware I am not putting excuses / barriers in the way - I know exactly what my issues are and thats what I put in the original post!! I am worried about my health and that is my reason for asking for any advice.

    <font size="3"></font>
  12. mrsmacbeth

    mrsmacbeth New commenter

    Dont know why the font is different in the middle - it wasnt meant to be!
  13. dozymare1957

    dozymare1957 Occasional commenter

    Mrs M, so often these threads drift off from the original topic.
    Have you tried batch cooking during the hols so you have a selection of meals available for days when you are just too tired? Also, invest in a slow cooker. Check out cookery for help there. Also have a look on cookery at Recipes for Dozymare - there are some brilliant, simple to prepare meals. It really is a question of getting organised - but you know that, don't you?
    Remember there are people here who are happy to help
  14. lizgaskell

    lizgaskell Occasional commenter

    Hi mrsmacbeth
    I completely see your original point. In fact, I know exactly what you mean. I have felt that my entire life is consumed by work and by the time I drag my weary self home- or finish marking 30 year 9 books on the dining room table- I cannot be bothered to do anything other than pop my PJs on, watch c@rap telly and have a glass of wine.
    This year MUST be different. Hubby and son really quite sick of it and I think I show some early signs of stress.
    So, this summer I am trying to develop healthy habits. the food thing is miore difficult with two great big lads in the house but I have no excuses on the exercsie front. So, I have been trying to either go to the gym , run, cycle, have a long walk or swim everyday. Now this has been difficult and I have managed to do something most days. I am hoping when we get bacjk to school I can work out a sort of timetable for my exercise as I need to lose wieght (at 14st and 5' 7" I am now officially obese!!!!) and it truly is good for my mental health.
    So, I have written a 'marking schedule' so that I can make sure I comply with the rules in our school which mean I must mark each set of books every 2 weeks [​IMG]and plan to take my new exercsie regime as seriously.
    Monday- work
    Tuesday- swim at 8pm
    Wednesday- late meeting/work
    Thursday: Gym
    Friday: Run- In use this term loosly to describe what i do!
    So, just 3 times a week but possibly 1000 cals burned.
    I have also bought a flask, various sized lunchboxes, some Ryvita snacks and cup a soups and will have a fruit bowl in my drawer; I am not going to take any money so I cannot buy the rubbish in the school dining room.
    I reckon it will mean that I have to be super organised and also learn to say, 'no' more at work but I have a lovely size 14 dress that I haven't worn for about 6 years and plan to be wearing it this Xmas.
    I think this is what you were saying too?
    Good Luck (join us on Slimming for Summer thread too if you can?)
  15. mrsmacbeth

    mrsmacbeth New commenter

    Sparky - the point about when to exercise is a really good one!! The gym I am looking at joning is sort of on the way home (adds about 5 mins / 10 mins max to the journey if I go the main roads way rather than bombing down country lanes) Its a bit of a dive but it will do the job - there is no shower facility there, so I cant really go before work, which is when I would chose to do exercise really...
    The other option (which is cheaper, but will I do it?) to get up in the morning and do the dvd I bought before I have a shower... I dont sleep well past 5am most mornings, so I might as well get up and be productive!

    Liz - that is EXACTLY. I am officially obese too (only I'm 5ft 5in) and the stress is starting to show. I know it is 'cos I am panicing about going back to work. I'm in a different year group again, so I have no resources / planning / anything to fall back on as last time I taught Year 5/6 was 2005 and at a completely different school. One of my friends has actually left teaching due to her husband saying that they dont really have a marriage any more due to the amount she works and whilst I dont think my partner feels that way, I know he gets quite peeved that I work all the hours I do and I get run down and stressed.
    I have done the lunch box thing too and I seriously need to avoid the staffroom as we always seem to have things in there to eat.
    I totally agree - this year MUST be different. I cant carry on like this!! I do want to be more organised, I just find it difficult - I am not naturally organised and I faff about far too much!! Oh well. Need to get my **** in gear!
    Will come and say hi on the slimming for summer thread too.
    Good luck to you too!
  16. mrsmacbeth

    mrsmacbeth New commenter

    Thanks - its a start!!!

  17. lizgaskell

    lizgaskell Occasional commenter

    Good to hear you sounding positive mrsmacbeth!
    I have just been to the gym, with teenage son, and done 400 cals! I am bright red and very, very sweaty!!!
    My sister in law is also trying to lose weight; she is 9st 10lbs. OMG.
    My gym is lovely but I never have a shower there- just get away. I cannot go in the morn, unfortunately as I am in Secondary and first lesson is 8.15! I am usually there by 7.30. This year the plan is to still go in at 7.30 but stay and do pretty much all my marking at school; there is nothing quite so depressing as having a set of exercise books in your house.
    I think acknowledging that things must change is the first step. Having a long term goal is another.
  18. mrsmacbeth I think the advice about being organised is definitley the correct advice to follow. I also think the idea of "drastic" weightloss needs to not be super quick weightloss. By this I mean the weight didn't go on overnight so don't expect it to come off overnight. Cut yourself some slack - you sound incredibly busy with work and whilst you may need to shift a bit of lard try to give yourself plenty of time to do it.

    I have also seen the Horizon programme and admit it looks a tempting way to lose weight. I sat and worked out what 500 calories looked like and TBH I could get in more than 5 portions of fruit and veg, 4 slices of lean meat and an egg for protein plus a ryvita,low cal soup, a laughing cow and milk for three hot drinks in a day. A bit boring maybe (and not to be followed every "down day") but certainly "doable." The bonus is the next day you eat )normally so no feeling of deprivation.
    Whatever diet you decide to follow I would suggest bulk cooking so there's always food in the freezer so no desperate (and dangerous) last minute trips to the shop or take away, meal planning a week in advance and a food diary to record what you do actually eat every day.

    As for exercise -yes that's the hard bit. I walk the dogs before school but that's not enough for me; I can squeeze in one evening keep fit session a week and then do an hour - to an hour and half power walking on both saturday and sunday. Maybe not as much as others do but it's something.
    I think you need to be strict with yourself and put a timetable up of three things you can do in a week - three walks/jogs but sharing this with someone else will help with the motivation.

    It's all sensible boring stuff which we all know but if you carry too much weight it can be terribly difficult to lose it. (Don't I know [​IMG])

    Good luck!
  19. Did 25 km on the exercise bike today. I've never managed that much before. The trick was to watch some films on the laptop while I was doing it. I'm going to try to keed it up for the rest of the vacation. Then spend at least an hour doing it each evening when we start back.
  20. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    I would recommend the weightwatchers or calorie counting appproach (which is all ww is really). It might work slowly (really slowly in my case) but if you persevere it does work. I have had to have the patience of a saint for the
    past 6 months as i get the lowest allocation of points possible but I have finally lost a stone.

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